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  1. He didn't show me any ID but he had a radio and I was sat in the car and it was definitely a police Astra with some radio equipment. If by caution, you mean 'anything you do say' etc, No, he didn't say anything like that. Is there anything I should look out for in the post in the next few weeks? obviously if its a summons, it will be around 6 months time, but in terms of a NIP or something similar acknowledging an offence?
  2. Hi, just need some clarification of whats going on really, I was driving a bit stupidly (adrenaline, made a mistake) and an undercover police officer followed me to my destination. (not a traffic officer) He sat me in the back of his car, got my name, date of birth and then precedeed to find out if my car was insured etc. He said he could smell drugs but I assured him I don't smoke and he could search me and the car which he did. After everything was clear, he gave me a telling off for my driving and said "Expect a summons to your home address" but he never asked for my address so I
  3. Cheers I've edited the pic, is it really advisable to carry on ignoring them? I don't want them to think they've got it easy and they can take us to court and we won't put up a fight. I was thinking of sending them one letter about the fact that we don't know who was driving at that time (this is true, we visit that retail park often and there are lots of drivers insured to drive the car in question) & that if these claims continue,we will be more than happy to kick up a fuss and report to the relevant authorities.
  4. Well its been about 9 months since I got the so called "fine" from Excel Parking. I've had about 5 letters but I've replied to none, just ignored them (although my dad has been worried and is willing to pay the fine but I won't let him) Today they sent me this: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c254/madfaz/07-09-2009201417-1.jpg Now I know this means nothing but my dads really worried so I would appreciate it if someone could get back to me and tell me everythings fine and my dad shouldn't fret over them taking us to court. Besides, I'm definitely not driving to Sheffield to court
  5. Just thought I'd update on how things are going, the fine went up to £100!! *shock* I have the template letter waiting to be sent but I can't be asked posting it off or spending any more time and effort dealing with these jokers.
  6. I've decided to just ignore them and let them waste their time and money.
  7. I have read quite a few as well as other forums, spent most of the night! It seems like a lot of hassle but the main point was that they have photographic evidence (maybe even video evidence), so how should I go about with the first letter, obviously not wanting to admit as to being the driver (as we don't know ourselves who was driving on that day) I guess, having never had a parking ticket or even speeding fines for that matter has never put me into this sort of situation before. Just looking for any advice/assurance from other members and a starting point for my appeal letter
  8. I also got a PCN from Excel Parking today, parking at a car park in Bradford for longer than 2 hours. I'm not one of those people who argue and would usually pay the fine straightaway but I came across this and now I'm a bit wary. There are a number of drivers who are insured to drive the car (which is my dads car) so we're unsure as to who went there on that day as we pay frequent visits to the place (Foster Square retail park) nearly every other day! My only worry is that they have photographic evidence of the car, these are provided on the PCN but they are not clear enough an
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