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  1. Helllloooo Everyone!!!!!!!! Got a letter through this morning and Lloyds have agreed to pay the full £5000 in full!!! I was just at the stage where i was preparing my court bundle, the questionaire had been sent off and i was waiting for a date. I got a letter yesterday asking me to phone Lloyds as they did not want the matter to end is a dispute etc. Phoned them and there computers were down and they were going to phone me back. They didnt but got a letter this morning offering me the full amount!!! I cant believe it!!! I just want to say a massive thanks to the consumer actions group and everyone else for there advice and help!! This is a brilliant site and with out you'z i couldnt have done it!! Good luck to everyone else, and push on cos you will win!!!!! Thanks again Amy x
  2. Hiya Everyone, Hope your all doing well, and winning against the banks!! I need help with the questionaire iv getting through, well not be actually as im helping my friend with it. They claim benefits though so didnt have to pay the initial cost for filing the court claim. Soooo the questionaire states that they have to pay a fee of a £100. I recomended they fill it in and then take it to the court and ask them if they have another form for them to fill to exempt them from this. Is this correct? Does anyone know if this is infact the case, or will they have to pay the £100? Please help people, want to get it all right 100%! See alot of you are doing well, so keep pushing everyone else!!! Thanks!
  3. Hiya Everyone! Iv just received my Notice of Issue, and im a bit confused about that i have to do. Do i have to fill in details on the bottom part and send it back off to the court or what? Help please!! x
  4. Hi Everyone, Hope you all still doing well with your cases, and good look with verynoe just starting. I am currently preparing my court bundle and im stuck on which cases and statutes it is that i reply on. Iv looked in the statues library and it may just be not being very smart but i dont understand alot of what they are saying. Can someone please help to which ones it is that i need so i can study them in depth and get my head round them!! I dont want to be going to court looking like a fool!!! Please help!!! Thanks again and good luck!!! Amy
  5. Hiya everyone!! Hope everyone is manageing ok and pushing forward. Just need some quick help about what i need to prepare in my court bundle. Want to make sure i have everything correct and prepared! Can someone confirm what i must have? Thanks all!! x
  6. Just called them and they have lost the forms and have no records. Im going to have to start the whole thing again!! Not happy!!
  7. Hiya, No i havent received anything! Should i ring them and find outs what going on? x
  8. Hiya Everyone! Hope your all doing well with your claims. I filed my N1 form on the 20th April, and i havent heard anything back about whats happening yet? What do i do next? Im so confused, do i leave it til 14 working days and then send a letter to the court, if so saying what, or is this normal? Please help!! Thanks All!!! x
  9. Hiya, As any one calimed against freemans catologue? If so how did you do and do you have an address you have to claim to? Thanks
  10. So, i had a river island store card and a house of frasier one. Can i claim both acounts on one letter (is it the same letter you send off to the banks) and is it to GE money? Does anyone have the address? Thanks All!! x
  11. Hiya Everyone, Iv just claimed all my bank charges back from HSBC, im in the process of a claim with Lloyds and i was thinking about getting started on the store cards i use to have for River Island and House of Frasier! I never went overdrawn on these cards, not that i know if you can or not but i did have late payment charges which were just ridiculous amounts. Am i able to claim these back? I still have all my statements so i wouldnt be a problem to work it out all out, but i just need to know if i can before i start, and what letter do i send off? Is it the same as the one for the banks? Thanks again everyone!!!
  12. Hiya, Im in the middle of filling in my N1 form to send off. Now im down to the part where it asks for the value. Really confused!!! Charges (im going to put what my charges have amounted to) Overdraft interest (is this the interest that they have taken off me which they are allowed to or something else? Help) Interest under S.69 Country Courts Act 1984 (what is this and how do i do it) Court Fee (ok with this) Total (ok with this) Then it says... Plus interest pursuant to S.39 Country courts act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day (enter daily rate here - (charges + OD interest)x0.00022 = pence per day) or at sich rate and for such periods as the court deems just. Havent got a clue what to do there. Please please help, im so confused by all this!! Thanks everyone
  13. Hiya,Im really stuck filling in this N1 form. At the top in a box it has IN THE and then it goes on to the claimant bit etc, what do i put on the IN THE bit? Also if i dont have to pay due my partner getting family alowance etc, do i need to write that somewhere or will the court pick up on that since i wont be sending a payment??/Thanks everyone, your all so useful!!Amy
  14. Hiya, Thanks for that. Just wanted to be a 100% thats what i did next. Will they inform what i have to do next once they have received my claim etc? Thanks again x
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