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  1. ok right so i have a right to have them produce this then. what happens if they cant. anyone got any ideas
  2. could someone please tell me when you first open a account with a bank do you sign a cca. if so do i just send my bank a cca request or is this only for loans thanks
  3. yer iv sent all the letters required and iv not had any letters from hsbc just there collection service sending me crap about passing it on to someone else. only found out the put a default against me on the experian credit report
  4. Just an update HSBC closed both my accounts now and filed a default against me... if they think there getting any money out of me there wrong. they can take me to court. at which point ill give them the finger. iv had enough now. Can i charge them for my time everytime they ring me or send me a ****ty letter.
  5. which letters do you mean mate. do you mean the 2 letters that you posted the other day if so no im in the middle of printing them out to send off
  6. Update 5.11.09 letter from metropolitan collection services requiring immediate payment of balance.. the thing that gets me is that there only listing one account that i hold with HSBC but with the total amount from both the acounts.. is this normal or has hsbc closed one of the accounts and consolidated the accounts together.
  7. Just a quick one 1)if you don't have a overdraft on your account am i right in thinking you cant go overdrawn. 2)does your bank have the right in putting an overdraft on your account without your permission. 3)overdraft. is it not just a short term loan.... should you not have too sign for an overdraft to be implemented on your account. hope i make sense osrry if i don't
  8. craig1897

    cca information

    Could someone please help i have a loan with mbna and id like them to provide me with a copy of the cca that i signed. been looking on here and cant find any template or anything to how i should set out the letter to the bank.
  9. Wish i had found this forum before i payed of £18000 worth of debt. but thanks to everyone that has helped me so far..
  10. iv not used the accounts for over a year. they removed my overdraft on both the accounts after going over my overdraft on one of my accounts. i payed back the amount that id gone overdrawn on both my accounts but because of there nice charges one account is now -400 and other is -999 all from charges.. one of the months they charged me £250
  11. Iv submitted a letter to the bank manager asking for full payment of overdraft fee's and interest but they've just sent me a letter telling me that in 18day they will be passing it onto metropolitan collection services to recover the debt.
  12. Could someone make it clear to me when my account will be classed as in dispute conserning overdraft fee's Thanks
  13. On the 1st of oct i submitted my letter to my bank manager requesting full repayment of overdraft fee's plus interest. I made him read it and give me a signed recept there and then. Then the same day at 9.15pm hsbc rang me telling me that they demand full payment for the outstanding overdraft ballance on both my accounts. they told me if i dont do so within 18days they will pass it onto a recovery agencie and also put a default against my name with the credit ref agencie. Can they do this. what do i do next 2.11.09 On the 5th oct i had a letter from hsbc saying we a
  14. is there anything you can do if you think you was mis-sold a hfc account. i ask this because i had a buy now pay in 6mnths account with pc world. hfc rang me and said they could do a better interest rate account for me so i went in and had a chat and agreed to have a flex account with them. iv had it a few years and looking through the paper work iv just twigged that i was sold a credit card so iv been paying the min payment each mnth and the balance is still at what i started with.
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