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  1. hi, thanks again for the advice, version. when i read your posts i get really hyped up with my can-do attitude, but when i go and speak to HR, it never quite comes off like that! : ) i have agreed to pay it back, as well as taking part of the blame, as i felt it was the right thing to do. i didnt know my employer would behave in the way that they have, but im an now going to have to spend new years trying to come up with an action plan. besides my union is there anyone else i can go to to act on my behalf in a dispute with work? thanks.
  2. hi, yes in hindsight i should have picked up on it from looking at my bankstatements, payslips, etc but didnt. anyway, my union (unite/amicus) were absolutely rubbish, and i think the £10 per month they get is a complete waste, will be cancelling that asap! today i had my disciplinary, and was as honest as i could be, maybe a bit too honest. my employer is not firing me, but is putting my on my final written warning, despite the fact that i have never been in ANY trouble before. i am currently trying to figure out how to appeal this. secondly, they want me to pay the whole c
  3. thanks so much for the prompt response! ill keep my fingers crossed.
  4. thanks for the reply! it makes me feel a little better. im not doubting the validity of what your saying, but do you have the link to any kind of legal document that i could possibly take to my hearing with me at all? thanks again!
  5. hey guys, i did a search before posting, so sorry if i posted anything wrong. basically ive been working for a large (global) IT company for just under two years now, part time (3 days a week). In October 2007 i got promoted and my salary went up by nearly 35%. This week, on Monday 15th Dec 2008, i was called in to see my line manager and was informed that they had been paying me a full time salary since my promotion, instead of a part time salary. I was genuinely shocked and had no idea. honest. it was a recorded interview, and i immediately said id be prepared to pay
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