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  1. christ I'm really sorry , you can tell how often I use this site
  2. I wasn’t working at the time , I’d finished due to being so ill , no PDL nothing just needed some money to buy a cooker can’t even remember how much I borrowed not much
  3. £6,714.59, this was such an awful time in my life I was in hospital diagnosed with bipolar disorder and dont remember much of what happened , it has only come to light all this time later . I lived on my own so no-one to deal with anything when I was unable to
  4. Sorry fell asleep On my deeds it says Nine Regions ltd I contacted KRE corporate recovery who are the liquidators for nine regions - they said the debt had been sold to PRAC Financial ltd , I then received a letter from bw legal saying PRAC was their client and "pursuant to a debt sale agreement , the equitable charge has been assigned to our client .The assignment took place effect on 4 march 2016 therefore only our client cab give valid discharge of the debt
  5. Nine regions they are liquidated now BW legal Just my name No I didn’t
  6. Please can anyone advise log book loans got a charging order on my house - i wrote to the company thats dealing with things they responded saying another rcompany had bought their debt and i could make an offer to them to clear , I havent contacted them yet as i didnt want to say anything I shouldnt to them - Im so confused by everything , does anyone have any advice please ? Thanks very much
  7. I’m presuming the ccj doesn’t show anymore cos it was in 2008 , I obtained a check that I have no ccj’s and also checked with my local court
  8. Dx thank you , I’d not read that thread before very interesting , the reason I found out about mine Was because I applied for a remortgage and the broker contacted me stated they needed to be settled before they could proceed , it’s taken me months to get the information . Hence me posting this as companies house state “liquidated “ under 9 regions Ltd
  9. Yes my wording on N244 was to set aside the ccj ( catch 22 ) as I don’t have any ccjs , who could the debt be settled with if they don’t exist anymore ?
  10. Lol just come to me ! I have googled their number so will ring them tomorrow thank you
  11. No just in my name ( unfortunately ) and yes debt just in my name
  12. Thanks Bank Fodder , I totally agree , on info Ive read it says the last known registered address , but when i checked on companies house it had this c/o address and alarm bells started to ring !
  13. Hi all I've been researching alot just need a final bit of info please . I found out last year I had 2 charging orders against me /my property , finally found out who they are from one being Nine Regions which has since been liquidated . I am writing to the court on form N244 to ask for it to be removed . i was seriously ill at the time and in hospital in a coma for quite a while , a lot is a blur , Ive mentioned this and the fact that the company is liquidated . Is this the correct procedure please ? I know I should write to last known address but on companies house its a c/o address a Corporate recovery company , should i still write to them or not ? Thanks very much in advance
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