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  1. In june last year i purchased a brand new vauxhall astra from pentengon. I visited the showroom twice before i purchased the car for information about the model i wanted. The salesman i was dealing with told me the model i wanted came with alloy wheels. I signed the contract with them for the car and paid the deposit and took out finance for the rest. When the car came the wheels did look like alloy wheels. Only 2 weeks ago i got a flat tire and had to change my wheel. At this point i realised the wheels were not alloy wheels. I was quite upset with this and contacted vauxhall. They told me i
  2. I purchased a laptop on the 30th October 2008 and within the two months i have had it, it has deveolped a faulty cd drive. The laptop was a advent and cost me 420! I dont feel confident with the laptop i have and just want to exchange it for the same laptop but new. Dont really want a repaired laptop 2 months after gettin a brand new one. I have been to the shop and they said i had to contact a support number and they will get repair it. Am i not eligible for just an exchange? sending the laptop for repair will just cost me in time which i havnt got because i need my laptop?
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