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  1. Congratulations mate, I followed your thread as I was in a similar situation to you and I'm pleased to report that my two accounts (one with Halifax) both joined the ranks of the statute barred in November last year. Just got one case left now with Lowell who are threatening all manner of things as usual, however that agreement has no prescribed terms either and will be SB in about 2 years so hopefully it will go the same way
  2. Well it seems as though my last letter to this company has once again not been appreciated and I have just received their latest response. Dear Mr. XXX We are in receipt of your letter again unsigned and this time dated 11th Inst. It is clear that you fail to understand the reasoning behind our Invoice, which related solely to your Breach of Agreement for both parties, as you indicate are involved to attend even when knowing well the full costs of said works and further to knowingly allowing this Company to expend fruitlessly on a journey, when you now state that Mr. XXX alon
  3. Okay guys this is my final letter to this bunch, however I will continue to update the forum with any further responses they send, although I'm not going to respond to them directly. Dear Sirs, Having previously submitted my final response to your claim, you responded to my letter on 28th July 2014. Despite my position on this matter remaining unchanged, I felt that there were sufficient inaccuracies within the content of your letter that require them not to remain unchallenged. In your most recent letter you now appear to be stating that I was advised during the initial tel
  4. Oh, I like that I'll have to borrow it for my next letter
  5. or maybe send him an empty envelope saying please find my payment offer enclosed inside
  6. Okay for anyone following this I've just taken delivery of letter number 3 from this company, As expected he completely ignores the points I made in my letter and has now accused me of deliberately wasting his time and money and states that I am fabricating facts to get out of his contract. He denies his previous letter stated that no contract existed on him leaving the house (which it clearly does) then tells an outright lie by stating that during the first ever telephone call I apparently agreed that the quote would only be free if I went ahead with the work (that's a big one even
  7. It's not yet at the stage of a DCA only Paypal threatening to go that way if I don't add £45. I imagine this amount will however increase with charges etc.. but it annoys me that they just will not accept anything evidence from sellers over the word of a buyer. I have heard many horror stories but always thought surely it can't be that bad but being told that online tracking which states item delivered is insufficient when a buyer makes a claim is quite honestly beyond belief and I don't see why I should have to add funds when Paypal choose to refund the buyer. I was just wondering what kind
  8. I recently sold an item for £45 on ebay and posted this by courier with full online tracking. The couriers own website states the item was delivered but the buyer stated he has't had it. He opened a claim and ebay being ebay found in his favour despite the online tracking. They have now put my paypal account in -£45 and stated that unless I add funds its time for the usual round of debt collection. Having never had any experience of ebay/paypal going wrong is this amount actually enforceable and is there any history of court action from these guys? I have taken scre
  9. Hi Guys Some time ago (about 12 months) I sent a credit agreement request letter to Argos for an account taken out prior to 06/04/2007. I was sent a signed application form that contained no prescribed terms and conditions so I told them it was unenforceable. They sent it out to about 3 DCAs in turn all of which received the same answer from me I heard nothing further until today when a letter arrived from Argos saying they have sold the debt to Lowell as no good reason has been given for not making payments. I also had a letter from Lowell today saying they have bought the
  10. Well I'll be expecting a round of letters from the usual debt collecting parasites before too much longer unless of course this guy really is up for a fight in court although I highly doubt that. His claim would be based on him being out of pocket for having to travel all the way down here for nothing, which is actually rather ironic as what does he think will happen when I submit a defence to his claim?
  11. not yet I am planning on doing this on Monday as I've been awaiting a response from the company, he does state in his new letter that he would welcome an investigation by trading standards as he can apparently produce his evidence to prove his good nature. he did state in the letter that I have his permission to contact trading standards however contact with anyone else will mean a claim for defamation and damages, so I guess he doesn't want me calling Anne Robinson or Don't get done, get Dom
  12. He has actually stated in his letter that the contract was agreed by telephone following his visit. He called me stating he could drop the price to £10,000 if I would accept. I actually said to him that I would need to speak to my partner before making any decisions and that was where we left it with me saying don't call me I'll call you if we ever wish to proceed as I was getting fed up with his pushy attitude by this point. The problem is he is now saying that is not what I said but that I told him to go ahead during the call which is simply not true. How he could ever prove
  13. Okay thanks I was just trying to get across that is is up to him to prove his case but I'll make the change. The thing is that I'm all up for defending this as I don't see that he has any case and would normally say he'll never take it that far, but this is the exact type of moron that will go through with a frivolous law suite on principle which is a bit of a hassle for everyone involved.
  14. OK Guys this is my final response to their new letter. What do you think ? Final Response Dear Sirs, Please consider this as my final response to your letter regarding the alleged verbal contract. In your most recent letter dated 8th July 2014 you have stated a number of inaccuracies that I wish to bring to your attention. You state that I informed you that I was a financial adviser and based on this you would expect someone within this profession to be familiar with the process of obtaining finance. I remind you that I actually informed you that I work as a Financia
  15. Okay well I've just received letter number 2 from this company They have apparently withdrawn their offer of allowing me to pay £1,000 and are going ahead with a county court claim for £3,850 for breach of contract. They have disputed some of the facts in my letter stating that we arranged a price in principle over the telephone and the appointment to come here was a formal inspection which is simply untrue. They also state that my letter is an attempt at financial blackmail not to proceed with any case and that should I carry out any of my threats they will pursue me for damage
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