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  1. I haven't been on here for a long long time so feel free to move the thread if I've posted in the wrong place. Basically, I received a letter from a local authority I used to live in years ago requesting I pay £110 for my former partners housing benefit claim in the year 2000. This is the first I've heard anything about this debt, how on earth am I meant to have any record of that?! It says on the letters that he was the claimant but he has a tendency to go quiet & hide so they've clearly decided to chase me instead. Not the first time I've had DCAs contact me looking for him despite the fact we split up in 2001! What on earth do I do with this? My issues are that firstly, I am not the claimant. He was a violent person and very controlling so I had no knowledge of what was going in or out financially at the time, he dealt with all of the money. My second issue is the time frame. Waiting 13 years to chase a debt doesn't sound very reasonable to me. I have no way of verifying their claims & have received no proof of its existence. They've now passed the debt on to Stirling Park who have started threatogramming me so I want this nipped in the bud pronto. All help graciously received!
  2. As I said in my first post, I've already done that. Given it was 10 years ago, any associations I had with him would be long gone by now anyway
  3. I got 2 letters from LCS through my door this week addressed to my ex partner (and I by ex I mean almost a decade ago ex). I have only lived at my current address for 18 months and he has never lived here, given we split up such a long time ago. I called them to tell them that he has never lived at this address and to remove it from their records, which they agreed to do. I then began wondering, how the heck they got my address. It seemed odd given that I got the CRAs to remove the association on my file many years ago. So the only association I could see is that he still lives at the address I lived at 10 years ago. I sent them an email asking how they got my address as it was really bothering me and this is the reply I got: "In reply to your recent email regarding Mr xxxx living at your address, we sent the 2 letters to your address because Equifax credit referencing bureau found an association link with yourself and Mr xxxx at the supply address of xx xxxx xxxx. Because of this information we updated your current address as we believed very strongly that you know him and would possibly be in a position to pass the letters on to him as we need to gain contact with him. Your address was searched for using Experian credit referencing bureau. Although we have done an address search, it may show up in your credit file with Experian. This should not affect your credit rating but if you have any concerns then you can contact them and they will be able to get that removed." Is it just me or is that bang out of order? I'm seriously fuming about this as it has nothing to do with me and I don't want their rubbish dumped through my letterbox. I want to take further action on this, any ideas?
  4. I got a default from Capital One back in 2007 for £300, the amount owed is now at £80. I was wondering if I were to settle this now, would the date then reset and I'd have to wait a further 6 years for the default to come off my credit file, or would the original default date still stand but it would just show as settled?
  5. Experian told me there's no way they would give out my phone numbers, but RW said this in their letter to me when I enquired as to how they got a hold of my work number: "We can confirm that the following telephone numbers xxx and xxx were obtained from Experian using a system called ECAPS, this system is a way of transferring information from credit applications you have made. These records are shared with other organisations and used to help make decisions about credit and credit related services such as insurance for you and members of your household." Thought you may be interested to see what system they are using and the fact that Experian are giving out information based on credit applications made
  6. Got a reply back from Robinson Way. Completely contradictory in their reply, they said: "we cannot uphold your complaint as we believe we have followed procedures correctly, however we should not have contacted you had requested us not to. Steps are being taken to avoid an error of this nature re-occuring." Eh?! Doesn't that in actual fact mean that yes, you were in the wrong RW! This "error" in them persistently calling me after being repeatedly told not to arose due to them apparently gaining my contact details from Experian via a system called ECAPS, thus resetting their dialling system. Either they are lying to me or Experian are, as Experian confirmed to me that they definetly did not give my work telephone number to RW.
  7. Feel free to move this thread if I've put it in the wrong place. My credit card provider wrote at the bottom of my statement in June 09 (in teeny wee letters) that my APR would be increased and stated the new rate. That was all they said, no explanation why. They also didn't give me the option of settling at the old rate. I've been told by others that they didn't think this fitted with the correct notification procedure and I also should have been told about the option to keep the debt at the lower APR. Just wondered if anyone had some advice on how I should deal with this. Had I been offered the option of settling at the old rate I'd have taken it, but up till today I wasn't aware that any of this existed, I thought I just had to suck it up and deal with it. Thanks
  8. Another query on this. I have just checked my credit files on all 3 CRAs. I lettered them all with proof I am on the electoral roll and they all said it was now sorted, but I can see form the reports I have just got through that nothing has been done and they all say I am not on the electoral roll. I have a few credit accounts completely missing from my reports from Call Credit and Equifax, would this be due to the way the electoral roll record my address? I don't know what to do about this. I really want a new credit card at the moment so I can transfer the balance from a hight rate one but with all of this data missing I'm sure I'd be refused straight away
  9. Hi Dibs Cheers for the info, I'll get a letter out to Experian tomorrow. And yep, they told me it was Experian in writing so I'll enclose a copy of that letter for the CRA
  10. Thanks for the reply. I very much doubt Experian even have my work number as I don't give it to anyone. However, I have requested my file from them just to be sure. I'll have a read that the thread you've suggested
  11. Got a reply back from RW. "Your work phone number was obtained from information held by a credit reference agency - Experian. We have now removed this number from our files. The reason we are trying to contact you is that you have an outstanding debt of £xx.xx and no payment has been received since xxxxxx." Are they allowed to get my information from a CRA without my consent to a search or anything? They seem to think even though I have previously removed their right to call me that it's then ok if they hadn't had any cash out of me for a while
  12. Words cannot express how furious I am at the moment RW have left 5 messages on my voicemail at work asking me to call them. For starters I'm at a loss as to how they found out where I work. I had requested several months ago that they send me a copy of the CCA and when they did it was unenforceable. They then started calling me incessantly on my home phone and mobile until I sent them a complaint about theit telephone harassment, to which I received an apology and confirmation that they would stop calling. Which brings us to now, I checked my work voicemail and they had left 5 messages asking me to call them. I was so angry not only because they were supposed to only communicate by letter but because I find it deeply inappropriate that they call me at work. Any advice on what I should do? I am quite prepared to do whatever it takes to nail them to the wall for this
  13. I got it changed from a student account when I started working anyway so I thought the overdraft would just run until paid off, but according to them RBS always put an overdraft expiry date on with student accounts.
  14. Yep, I get my child benefit paid in to the account 4 weekly. I'm just having nightmares here that involve an overdraft I'll never be able to clear with tons of charges being added every month.
  15. I went to the cash machine for a mini statement today to check if a cheque had cleared, only to find that my available balance said NIL. When I enquired about it in the branch, I was told that when I first got the overdraft as a student several years ago, an expiry date had been placed on the overdraft and their central office had now applied this. I was told that I would have to appeal and reapply for the overdraft and as I now get my wages paid elsewhere, i would need to provide payslips which I will do tomorrow. My question really is, given my credit file isn't good at the moment (I have a CCJ and a default from 3 years ago, plus electoral roll address accuracy problems) are they likely to reinstate the overdraft or will they just attempt to ride me for bank charges?
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