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  1. how can the creditors pursue a case on someone who they dont know who he/she is? On the above, how do energy companies or the council obtain resident's details and open an account? Is it from previous tenant/owner? from landlord? from council?
  2. Hi my surname is misspelled on the bill accounts. Can they still chase the debt? Can that affect my credit rating? Thanks
  3. is it once or twice a year that we get a water bill? if i'm only staying 6 months in the flat, how can i make sure i'm not overpaying the bill?
  4. hi i have signed a broadband contract with a bloke who came to my house for £10 per month. i have not have the contract in my possession as he took it with him now, from the e-billing service, i was informed that its going up to £16.79 (should have been £17 but some vat reduction i suppose). what can i do?
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