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  1. Yesterday I paid off my welcome finance loan. It was a small unsecured loan taken out over two years. I haven't ever had any phone calls from them, and the only correspondence received was my yearly statement. I paid each month on time, which is why I think I was left alone. I'll be leaving this forum now, something a lot of people will no doubt be happy about, but my parting message is this: To all those who have genuinely been mis-sold a product, lied to or or been deliberately misled, I wish you the very best of luck in your claims. And to those who knew exactly what they wer
  2. I've just had a letter from welcome telling me my branch (hull) has closed and my nearest branch is now nottingham.
  3. what is the end result everyone is expecting? It looks like all the PPI will be repaid, and rightly so, but what else? if welcome does go belly-up, what happens next?
  4. no redundancy for me mate, don't work for welcome or anyone connected to them, just trying to make a point
  5. I've yet to read a post describing how a welcome employee held a gun to a prospective client's head. Maybe all those who want to rip off welcome should just honour the terms of the contract they voluntarily signed when they went to the company cap in hand. All I've seen on this thread over the last few months is people who went to welcome because they'd borrowed from reputable companies and not honoured the terms of their contract for whatever reason, and so the high street would not touch them again. So when they wanted a new car/some more cash/a new credit card (delete as appropriate) they w
  6. I suppose you could always pay back what you agreed to in the first place
  7. Just out of interest, is there anyone out there who took a loan with Welcome without ppi, and has kept up with repayments that has had any problems with the company? I only ask because I took out a two year loan of about £800 a year ago and everything seems to have been ok so far, but after reading all these posts I'm just waiting for something to go wrong.
  8. The difference is their charges will be in your contracts, so don't expect them to pay anything you try to charge them. It would be funny if some court somewhere ruled that they had to though
  9. "Furthermore, I would like to add that I will charge £10 for each letter sent in reply to any queries you may have from today's date." Best of luck, but do you have any way of actually enforcing a £10 charge?
  10. Just out of interest, why are they in so much trouble? They make such a huge amount through APR/PPI etc, the profit they make on every loan they sell is huge! So why all the problems? I've got just over a year left on my loan and nobody's contacted me about transferring to another lender..........yet.
  11. I know it's a little off-topic, but is there a forum for the latest on the bank charges court case?
  12. Best of luck with your issues surrounding WF. Coincidently I received a letter from welcome today confirming my new Direct Debit. Very strange as my loan is less than a year into it's two year agreement and the Direct Debit is for exactly the same amount as I have always paid, to be taken on the same date each month. I have never missed a payment, and this is the first time they have contacted me since the loan was first agreed. Any theories people?
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