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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I have a copy which I used for my successful claim against these bloodsuckers. I can email it to you if you pm me with your email address I'll also have a look around on the site to see if I can find it Spotty
  3. You don't say how much they actually owe you. Unless you are desperate for the money, don't let these bloodsuckers short change you. They have illegally taken your money. You have a legal right to get it ALL back. It will take some time as they will delay as much as possible, to frustrate you. Good luck (not that you will need it), just hang on in there. Spotty
  4. I want to write to Barclays about the 'additions account' fees on my step-daughters account. We want proof from Barclays that we agreed or signed up for this additional rip off. If they cannot give positive proof that we wanted this type of account, we should be able to claim back the fees (and maybe interest too !) Comments or successful claims anybody ? Spotty
  5. Any chance of a copy of the letter you sent to them. I want to get back the additions fees put on my step-daughters account. Which we are sure she never signed up for. Did you ask for proof from them that you signed up for this additional rip off Cheers Spotty
  6. Hi welshman - not been on the site much recently. You always seem to have your ear to the ground. I am going to start a new claim against the bloodsucking Barclays over the additions account charges. Along the lines of requiring strict proof that we signed up for it (not) and seeing if we can these caharges refunded or at least an offer. Know of any threads or users who have done this. Cheers Spotty
  7. From my recent experience, (I have been paid in full), after sending your bundles to the Court and Churchill Place, Barclays will contact you to settle. If you dont hear from them within 10-14days- then you can give them a call or an email. They need to settle out of court. They will NOT go to Court. They cannot afford to lose billions. Even if they screw up and it gets to the Court date, you will be the only one there. Spotty
  8. This is normal procedure. Now that Barclays have submitted a defence it goes to your local Court. You will receive from the local court a copy of Barclays laughable defence and an Allocation Questionnaire (AQ) from the court. The Aq needs to filled in (template in library or see Jonni2bad posts) with a fee of £100 if your claim is for more than £1500. You will then get back from the Court a date for your hearing. When you have the date you can submit your Court Bundle (zip file is in library telling you what you need). You also send your bundle to Barclays. At this point it is very likely that Barclays will settle with you. Make sure you only accept the full amount plus court costs plus interest. They may try to haggle but stick to your figures. They cannot afford to go to court -it will cost them BILLIONS. But they won't settle until you have a court date. I know because because like so many others , I have been PAID IN FULL. Meanwhile a Happy New Year Spotty
  9. Donation made to CAG Without the assistance of this site and its members, I would not have been able to get my money back. Thanks to all Spotty
  10. Can a mod please move this thread into 'Successes' and change the title to:- Spotty won -- Bloodsuckers Nil
  11. I am not 100% certain but I think you should find that Barclays have entered a defence and your claim will have moved to your local court. I believe there is a help line for MCOL 0845-601 5935 Try giving them a ring and see if they can tell you exactly what has happened Spotty
  12. I hope you get this one. That would really open a can of worms. By moving it beyond the Small Claims track you could really stuff them. They deserve all the cr*p they get Spotty Who has just got his money back
  13. :D Finally got my money back into my account. It has taken 6½ months but has been worth the wait. Donation on its way tomorrow - I couldn't have done it without this excellent site. Going after return of 'Additions' account fees next. Don't want these bloodsuckers getting away with anything !! :D Spotty
  14. Barclays don't as a rule close accounts. Start the process and find out how much they have taken from you. Set up a parachute account as a backup anyway. When you get your money back, Barclays will want you to have it paid into the Barclays account to offset or clear the overdraft. Spotty
  15. Whats the 'bump' for ? What question do you need answering ? Spotty
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