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  1. Morning All, I am currently in correspondence with the DVLA regarding them releasing my info to a PPC, part of which I asked under what circumstances they gave for applying for my info. The reply that came back was that PPC 'A' actually applied for my info via a 3rd party, in fact another PPC, we will call PPC 'B'. Therefore my personal details have been released to another PPC who has no verifiable interest as required by the rules set down for the release of info by the DVLA. The DVLA actually state that this is common practice amongst PPC's due to the cost of setting up the elec
  2. Haha, SOGA is an Act, not a person or organisation so it not now pretty obvious that you are talking utter nonsense and that you are more than likely Curry's!
  3. UKAnon, Curry's are trying to levy a charge for something the customer did not ask for and may not even want. Most people are savvy enough these days to follow a load of on-screen instructions and produce their own back-ups! In addition, £20 for a memory stick is a ripoff! You can purchase a 32 Gb for £6.99, more evidence of Curry's making a massive markup if they are charging hat much in-store. If they have non-setup machines avaliable then they should be giving the customer one, not trying to flog them additional services. Looking at your previous posts I would say that y
  4. Without a service history I would not touch it! Tell them to find one with a service history. J.
  5. I note Perky is now boss of the BPA! Never mind code of practice down the toilet, it will now be completely around the U-bend!
  6. DL, Can I ask, what did the design you 'approved' show as regards the cupboard? Did it show the cut out area and no shelves or did it show it as a cupboard complete with shelves? Yorky
  7. I agree do not go stealing from shops however two wrongs do not make a right and some of their actions were completely out of order in my view. If they had any doubt about concealed weapons they should have left them alone in the room and waited for the police to arrive. I am surprised that they did not end up getting themselves in a serious situation. My first thought if someone snatched my bag in the street with no warning would be a mugger and I defend myself. If my family were with me I would make sure they were defended as well and I have no doubt I would put even more effort in than
  8. Grumpy - Oh yes I had forgotten about that, if that had been me I would have swung around and lamped him one! No challenge or anything so could have been anyone attacking you! There were several occasions where people had calmed down and were not posing any threat but they just threatened them with violence and then pounced anyway. As someone said earlier it reinforces the statement 'do not go in the "security room"' stay outside where everyone can see you and all occurences will be on the store CCTV. I thought the 2 guys who actually followed people around on their day off was a bi
  9. Watched the program on shopifting and store detectives (think it was Panarama) and was quite surprised by the amount of physical restraint they used , in several cases I thought it was over the top and they just seemed to jump on people for their own satisfaction. Made me wince several times! ONe particular case a man was agitated and partly drew his arm back then relaxed, put his arm down and was talking to the store detective, who then himself got agitated and jumped on man wrestling him to the floor when at the time he was not threatening him! Exactly what amount of force are the
  10. And dont forget if you chip it you will need to inform your insurance company - who will more than likely raised your premium for having a modified car! So you will lose out yet again, year upon year....
  11. YOu shouldnt need a receipt, all you have to do is prove a breach on contract by A2B which it seems you have. I think the CC company are stalling in the hope that you will go outside of the time limit for claiming back. I would call them back and put your foot down with them. Yorky.
  12. I think this has been covered on previous threads although you will have to search. If I remember rightly the general consensus was that they are acting illegally.
  13. Could you utilise the DD Guarantee in this case and ask for the charges back?
  14. You could possibly have 2 issues here 1) A SMEG hood that isnt steam proof. What blew 3 times, the circuit board or the fuse? 2) A dumb electrician putting internal boards in plastic bags!!!! Not very bright! Yorky.
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