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  1. oh the work committments excuse was accepted, just goes to show eh.
  2. thanks daniella all sorted points removed and fine, case was reopened and closed that day by courts legal advisers police sent photos of incident to the firm but not me although i requested them also photos where shown in court and they were very distorted. i even got travel expenses, happy days and thanks again for your help x
  3. thanks again i will put something together if possible would you have a look at it for me please
  4. hi daniella, my hearing is now on the 9 th july so it gives me more time, i really dont know how to start this draft, i have a week an i am a bag of nerves
  5. could really do with some help pleeeeeeease
  6. i didnt mean to sound curt, i was just stating what was in my letter, it mentions me always wearing a seatbelt so anyone asking do i wear one obviously havent bothered reading the posts, and i was seeking advice or oppinion, people with expertence may have there take on my situation, so am sorry if i sounded curt but am a bit stressed with this situation!
  7. i have had a reply from the court, there legal adviser Dear Sir, I refer to your e mails of 17th June relating to the above case. You may apply to the Mold magistrates court sitting on 2nd July at 12noon to reopen the case. It would be in your interests to attend that hearing particularly given the court record is that notice of the adjourned hearing was sent to you on 20th May 2013. Yours faithfully, Paul Conlon Legal team Manager he also sent me this when i asked him how i apply, Hi, You simply come along and make verbal submissions as to why it is in the intere
  8. i always wear a seatbelt, read my letter to the court
  9. thanks aretnap the vehicle is a pool car used daily by numerous people its returned to the yard nightly, i said i would admit to the seat belt charge if they showed some paper work of me being in charge of the vehicle on that day, now i feel its too late, what are the chances of the court opening my case? my insurance is going to hit the roof
  10. i also thought it was a requirement, but they said they have a work log, and i was working that day. have i gone about things the right way now, and can someone advise me if there are any mistakes legally by the court, i thought its not down to me to give driver details because i am not the registered keeper, yet i have the fine and points
  11. and yes i have sent the letter is that wise
  12. yes, there is a possibility it was me but it could have been other people out the firm, this is why i asked for photo evidence, which was sent but is not clear, also i asked if the company have a drivers log and was told they dont.
  13. sorry its been awhile done now thanks
  14. hi all and hopefully someone can help, here goes august 2012 i was a new employee for a liverpool building company, after a few months i found work elsewhere and informed them i am moving on, they wanted me to stay but the lure of more money and better prospects was to much, soonb after i recieved a notice forwarded from them of north wales police saying my previous company had named me as a driver with no seat belt, i asked for photographic evidence which was supplied this photo did not clarify anything (to blurry), anyway i recieved a summons from mold magistrate court informing me i wa
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