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  1. Heya guys, Was hoping someone could help me with this. A friend of mine has asked me to help her with a claim to the council for damaged property due to a leak. She recently moved into a council property which had a brick shed for storage. She reported a leak and the council replaced a window in the shed, presumably resolving the situation. She then continued to use the shed for storage of expensive fishing and camping gear, along with other misc. items. However, the leak was actually due to an improperly sealed roof and continued, damaged the items inside beyond repair. She is now comple
  2. ''-Feared I would need legal advice... so expensive though! I did a 'first hour free' type thing with a solicitor and she said to go small claims court as well and not be greedy on the amount. Of course, that is the easiest route as someone is more likely to pay less than more if that makes sense, but I think we have a pretty solid case for more money than a small claims court. It's just mad that landlords can get away with this. Of course, I want to be reasonable, but if you think of it this way, if someone offered me £100, 000 to do it all again, I wouldn't. Then to ask for say a few grand c
  3. Hiya, no that was with a different property. We don't have much luck with letting in this area. It was literally out of that property and into the proverbial fire with this last one.
  4. Hi all, I am desperate for any help on the following. We rented a property directly from the landlord, as an HMO, about a year ago. The landlord harassed us and threatened us with eviction and we are looking for compensation as a result. The issues have been listed below as it's a bit long lol: 1. There were raw sewage floods in the kitchen and bathrooms due to an incorrectly installed pipe. This destroyed many of our belongings, left us without basic facilities, was a health hazard and we were left to clean it up ourselves numerous times. Finally, private sector housing became invol
  5. Hiya, Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I'm trying to find a reputable no win no fee solicitor (haha) but hopefully they will be able to help see if I have a claim and for how much. I was thinking initially after a letter to my previous estate agents that they might cough up knowing they were in the wrong, but the likelihood of that happening is slim I guess. I think seeing as 3/4 of the property was affected with mould (but was still used as we had no other option- although the bedroom was not used and we slept in the lounge) then we should in effect get 3/4 of our rent back.
  6. The only reason I was going to ask for a year's rent back was under the misrepresentations act, where we are recovering our financial loss at signing a contract for 12 month's which we would not have signed knowing the truth about the property. We had already paid the agency fee and deposit at this time and it wasn't until we had been living there a couple months that the mould became apparent. Our financial loss at that point was already significant, and we had no money to move elsewhere. Knowing the landlord is legally liable for these repairs, we kept on getting him to try to do them. We li
  7. Heya, We were contractually bound to stay there during our first year and were constantly strung along about the repairs with the estate agent miss-advising us a lot of the time saying we should clean it off and that we could't make them do the repairs or that it was for us to buy a dehumidifier. If they'd done their job when we asked they have seen it was a faulty extractor fan and other things we had no control over. We were new to renting then and it did take about a year to get the correct advice and learn enough to know my rights with the matter, whilst communicating with them to get
  8. Hiya all, It's been a while since I posted here so be nice lol! I've had a lot of issues with my previous estate agent and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice. Basically, the responsibility probably lies somewhere between the letting agent and the landlord, but I'd say the letting agent is highly responsible as it was mostly them failing to make any action. The property was let to us (my boyfriend and I) on an AST for 12 months (£425/ month rent, £525 deposit, £150 agent fee). We moved in and noticed a severe condensation mould problem had been painted over. Despite the ag
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