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  1. I'm on my 2nd month with Noddle and my Clearscore account will be in its 2nd month tomorrow, so I don't have a great deal of experience with either, but I can give my initial impressions. First of all, there was an address I didn't know attached to my account on Noddle. Either way, I immediately sent a message to Noddle about this and by the 2nd month (as both only update once a month as a "snapshot" of your account) the address I didn't know was gone. For this reason alone it's important for anyone to check the different credit reference agencies, especially if you've had problems gettin
  2. Only just saw your reply, sorry about that babydoll - don't want you to think I was ignoring you! No reply yet (although it has been signed for and I expect a response soon), but I'll update if I hear anything from them. I was reading what you wrote on Fred Bassett's thread and, as we're all practically in the same boat right now then I'm interested to hear what happens with you. I hope you'll update one of our threads just to say how things are going or make your own if you have lots of details to share. Best of luck!
  3. Thanks for your reply to my post, Fred. I appreciate it! I'm subbing to this, I'd like to know how it all turns out for you since at present we're both dealing with Incasso (on behalf of iQor, on behalf of Halifax... seems to be a pattern!). Not only that but I love reading your replies to the DCAs!
  4. Thanks for the replies cerberusalert, fuzzybobble and Fred Bassett. It's all ready to be sent out tomorrow, but I'll be back if I run into any problems. Not sure what I'd do without CAG! I have been reading your thread regarding Halifax with interest, Fred. The letter you received from Incasso is exactly like the one my sister received. I wish you the very best of luck dealing with them - although you sound like you know exactly what you're doing!
  5. I think this is sort of related to this topic, but bear with me. I was talking to my mum the other day about how things used to be a few years ago, followed by what happened when we realised we could get credit, to being in debt and trying our best to pay it all off. Back when I was at school (I'm in my 20s now) my family had never had a loan or credit card and the only way we could afford anything was by saving up, buying 2nd hand or getting from catalogues. We didn't have the latest stuff, the family allowance my mum got because of me helped with the food shopping and we lived week to
  6. I'm sorry, I got my wires crossed. I thought what you wrote in post #13 was to be sent to Incasso - do I need to send them anything? Thanks in advance if you get around to seeing this.
  7. Thank you so much for the replies MARTIN3030 (I'm grateful you merged threads, it makes sense but I didn't want to bump such an old topic) and cerberusalert! To cerberusalert - thanks so much for telling me what I should send. Is there anything I should send to iQor?
  8. It's come to that time again where I have to ask the lovely people of this forum for help. I hope someone can make sense of all this because honestly most of it goes over my head. Early last year the DCA IQor contacted my sister saying she owed money to their client (Halifax credit card). We sent off a CCA and they replied. I was in a bit of a panic over it all after they gave her a two week deadline, but everything I can tell you about it - including scans of letters received from them - is explained in this thread (any pictures I posted that don't show up there is because in the url I
  9. It was only last week I saw on the news a home-made video of a man dancing who had been claiming disability for a back injury. It made me wonder not only how that had got to DWP but also who is anyone to say what he (or anyone else) is like the rest of the day. He was clearly at a party, he could have been persuaded to dance by friends and collapsed in a heap the moment the camera was switched off for all anyone knows. My point is, people will see a glimpse of what someone is like based on seeing them once (walking through town, in a photograph, on a video, etc.) and make a snap judgemen
  10. This news makes me very sad, as if most people on benefits don't feel bad enough in their situation. I know some people will think "if you've nothing to hide there's nothing to worry about" but it's rarely as clear-cut as that. Me and my family are close and have helped each other pay our bills for the past few years - when I get paid I help out their bills, and when they get paid they help with mine, and so on. To explain that to people here is straightforward, but could you imagine someone on commission believing that rather than what they see on a piece of paper? I don't think people should
  11. Just got a letter from Wescot. Is the 2nd address the one I should send to if I want to send a CCA? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I'll try and explain and answer everything the best I can. To PGH7447: - what you describe is possible but she does not remember being sent anything to sign. It's years ago now though so it's hard to say for sure - what they sent is exactly what it shows, so just that little box with a bit of writing in Saying that though, my sister managed to dig out a few old documents including a welcome letter (I didn't scan it in because it's very generic), but more importantly, the original T&Cs she was sent back in 2005. Front page Revers
  13. Thank you for all the replies! Here are the scans. Click to see them bigger. First up is the letter they sent. Secondly, this is what they say is the agreement. My sister remembers filling in the online form but she doesn't remember it being sent for her to sign. It may take a while to know the exact date (if it isn't correct) but it was around the date written 2nd April 2005. Thanks for taking a look. I hope I wasn't wrong to send them the letter I mentioned earlier...
  14. Brother is in hospital, mum is feeling guilty, sister is stressed out and I'm feeling anxious and depressed (as I do most days). Sick of debt, sick of DCAs, sick of money troubles - just when things seem better something else comes along. I've shared what's bothering me, what's bringing you down? What would cheer you up? Not sure what would cheer me up, maybe a holiday away from it all for a while... just relaxing. And if I can't have that then a big bowl of ice-cream and a funny movie!
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