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  1. If you are due to receive a payment on a day which is a bank holiday then the usual procedure is for it to be advanced so that you receive it as close as possible to the day - but not later than the day. Signing on Thursday 20th should mean that the payment would have already advanced on Tuesday 18th to reach your account on the 21st (3 working days not 4). But as flumps says you will be receiving this information nearer the time to confirm.
  2. A long while back in this thread but this is a misunderstanding. The wording states that this is the money that the law states you need to live on. What that means is that this is the amount for a person who falls into that category would receive and not a minimum amount that the amount can fall to. This does not include any deductions, sanctions or reductions through applying and receiving hardship payments.
  3. There is evidence for what you are saying which you should get in writing from the company where you had the interview. if going for a proved job interview is not a good reason for missing an appointment to discuss jobseeking then I don't know what is. Ask for a reconsideration of this decision. Failing that an appeal would be your next option.
  4. Sorry yes, it's Misconduct. It was late...
  5. She should make a claim for JSA immediately. The myth about waiting 26 weeks is just that, a myth. There is a possible sanction based on the Leaving Voluntarily (LV) rule whereby JSA can be stopped if you leave your last job voluntarily in the last 26 weeks. LV can stop JSA for up to 6 months but this is extremely rare. If there are extenuating circumstances (which there clearly are) then a sanction is decided by a Decision Maker and information about the situation from her union will help her case.
  6. The two relevant tax years used are the two before the year that you made the claim so if you last claimed in October 2011 then they look at 2009 and 2010. Your last claim where you received income based was 2010 so they would look at different years, 2008 and 2009. More to the point, both contributory and income-based are the same providing you are single. If you are in a relationship (and your partner is not working) then income-based would pay more than contributory. If you are single or your partner is working over 24 hours a week then contributory is right.
  7. You appealed it at the time so you must have felt strongly about it. Do you still feel like that?
  8. Well, the security behind it is still restrictive but the new digital age stuff coming through is encouragingly 21st century thinking - which is a good thing IMHO
  9. All jobcentre staff have email addresses and are being encouraged to use these channels of communication now
  10. @Antone. Apologies if my post came across as attacking yours, it wasn't - I loved Pauline, I just felt that some balancing of the scales was necessary here.
  11. This is not new. If you are unable to attend your new claim and rebook it then the TAM (treat as made) date would be moved to the new appointment date and you would have to request a backdate the period of the original date you contacted them and the day before the rebooked appointment. This has long been the case but as flumps states they are tightening up on this action being correctly carried out at the jobcentre. It is not unheard of for a staff member to ignore this and allow a claim to go through with the original date. (this is one of many things the staff do, that customers are unaware
  12. Also, this flags a possible income that her ex-partner may have informed the DWP of. The only income that would not be affected would be maintenance for a child or children. The quote below seems to say it isn't maintenance.
  13. Thanks for clarifying my point, Mikey. Good luck, down'n'out
  14. Your IB isn't automatically closed if you make a new claim for another benefit. You may need to put this in writing or confirm it over the phone. You should understand that waiting a few weeks after you know about the stop of IB is not the same as what I said earlier where you are given, for want of a better word, grace, because you were unable to claim earlier because you literally did not know of the decision. Also, no back-dated claim is a given and I would urge you to make the claim ASAP if that is what you intend to do..
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