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  1. Thanks for your reply sillygirl :o) The meter in my flat hasn't been tampered with, or been victim to an accidental happening in any way. It is sitting inside an interior cupboard and I don't believe anything has physically interferred with it at all. The meter hasn't changed and is still displaying the same amount of money on it as last time I looked. I wonder if anyone else has been in a similar situation? Is it my responsibility to pay the difference to a utility company if the meter hasn't been running properly and I've been undercharged - this is a real concern. I need t
  2. I have lived in my rented flat for over 2 years, fitted with an electricity key meter (no gas at the property). I have charged the key periodically, paying with a £20 note and simply recharging the key when the money ran out, without paying much attention to how long it lasted. When occasionally talking with friends about utilities, I have wondered about my consumption because they say that generally, about £40/month electricity useage would seem average, but I'm sure I've been charging my key with £20 as little as every two months, maybe longer. I live alone and the electricity
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