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  1. Hi,everybody.I basically need advice re,getting out of my orange contract as i aint happy.I already posted a thread in the wrong forum....groan.Soooo if sum1 with the same name as me pops up with a similar thread...ITS MEEEE....hehe.Anyway,i digress.Found a cancellation address on here,but unsure as to context?wording of cancellation letter,can you help?x
  2. Hiya everybody and HELP!....lol.....I am very unhappy with orange and wish/need to know the best way to avoid ridiculous cancellation penalties.I am 6 months into a 12 months contract,and to be honest my legs are bright red from my mental orange service.....sick of it/them.I feel violated,etc etc...I have found a cancellation letter address on this site(thank you),but am unclear as to ingredients?reasons of aformentioned "letter"...thank you peeps.x
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