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  1. Dear Elkhorn, I am in court over the exact same situation. May I ask how you got on with your case. I am defending the action by them on the grounds that the agreement is unenforceable under the 1974 Act. Under the act the agreement must have certain stated terms to be enforceable. In our case the amount of credit ie the total amount to be paid back is missing on the consumer credit agreement. I would be therefore interested to hear you thoughts on my argument. I have pasted the relevant parts of the Act below for your consideration together with a letter template that may be of help to
  2. Hi, I am in court with Northern Rock on the 30th of this month, over a together loan I took out back in 2002 with a property I bought. The loan repayments came out of my business account, however when the business ran into trouble I fell behind by 3 months. To be honest I thought I had transfered the direct debit but hadnt. The first I heard from Northern Rock where 2 Sherrifs Officers at my door. The paperwork and all Northern Rocks previous correspondance had been sent to a propery I owned with a tenant occupiyng the property. The tenant who I have never met, as my properties are manage
  3. Susan, That is so true the so called experts. You are so right its a cartel of greed and deception. I think what you are saying is that I liquadate and ascertain my damages thats the route and in terms of litigation the stakes are raised. Due to their actions, and my subsequent loss of profits which have been substantial, including damage to my reputation, and health your line of thought certainly provides a fresh angle. I will keep you posted of my new You Tube site. It will feature the chaining of my person to the outside of the banks head office main door in the centre of Glasgo
  4. Susan, Totally agree with your stratedgy and I have contacted my MP last week. Subsequently had the bank manager on the phone flapping a bit. I hear what your saying about not putting the money in the bank however the bank gave assurances which I have in an email that they would not swallow the money once put in. In relation to the circumstances surrounding the guarantee (PG), surely the courts are not stupid and will see the bigger picture. Its like saying give me 250k and we will do this, once its done we will do this, and you can take away your 250k because you have done what we
  5. Hi, I am looking for advice on a bank guarantee matter. Thought you guys might be able to help. I had a succesfull land development business up until the onslaught of the credit crunch. My problem is that my bank withdrew support half way through a deal. I was assembling a piece of ground that was badly contaminated, the first part of that assembly was the purchase of two small houses which I had to do prior to planning for 400k. I put 150k of my own money in and a Personal guarantee for 150k and my house was also supporting this worth 350k with a mortgage of 100k. At this point I c
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