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  1. Had letter today from County Court Business Centre Notice of Transfer of Proceeding Just states our local county court details no date states the file will be referred to procedural judge who will allocate the claim to track and give case management directions Details to be sent in a notice of allocation, also states wait for the judges directions ?
  2. you should get a copy of the fleecers N180 yes. Reply NO you said no to mediation as its SB'd i hope? Reply Correct NO and you didn't give the fleecers your email/phone/sig did you? Reply NO
  3. Noticed this on the Money Claim but nothing in writing as yet DQ filed by claimant on 04/02/2020 You filed a DQ on 13/02/2020 Your claim was transferred to our local County Court on 13/02/2020 Do they send their paperwork prior to court day ? Also any timescales on the next stage
  4. Yes 3 copies have been sent to all parties, will be very interesting to see the paperwork from B W Legal, do they forward to myself prior to court day
  5. The N180 form Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claim Track And it states we need to reply by 3rd Feb 2020
  6. We have sent off all our paperwork to all parties, now it will be interesting to see the documents they have have and the dates. We have emails from the original lender confirming no payments have been made and they date from 31/10/2013. So fingers crossed they back down if not when the court have all the paperwork and they see its SB do they close the case or will we have to attend court
  7. Its shame as my wife has never been to court and feels she is being bullied by BW Legal, if the debt is over 6 years why do they keep pushing for the claim the whole issue is a joke. They refuse to give any information about the debt no statements which would clearly confirm it`s SB, if she fails to attend court they win get the CCJ and we have been told they will arrange home visit to funds and property to repay. They even stated when they win the bailiffs will attend the next day. BW Legal are just a bunch crooks using the system
  8. Just had letter from BW Legal They have sent thee copy of Directions questionnaire as follows A1 - Yes Section B - BW Legal address information C Track - Yes D About the Hearing D1 - Blank D2 - Expert Evidence - No D3 - Witnesses - 0 D4 - Hearing - No Interpreter - No Signed ( Photo Copied signature ) Our question is my wife is not happy going to court, can i attend and speak on her behalf.
  9. I have been calling and sending emails to my local council as they sent letter of court hearing relating to council tax for this year ending March 2020, the outstanding amount is £510.60, i have offer to repay over Jan, Feb and March but the council won`t reply to my calls nor emails. They have refuse to stop the liability court action and except the payment plan. I will be making payments as stated any way, but can they do anything else in the way of home visit, the order was issues in 21st Jan 2020. I explained why we have had payment issued as my partners hours have been cut from full time to 12 hours week but they are not interested nor helpful Any feedback will be helpful
  10. Today we have had a following from the court: Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claim Track And it states we need to reply by 3rd Feb 2020 Any feedback of our next steps
  11. Well submitted defence on 14th December and as yet zero reply and no updates on MCOL.
  12. Well had zero replies from the claimant or the solicitors. i have been reading and is it correct they must replay with 28 days after having the defence on 16/12/2019 which should be around 22nd Jan Your acknowledgment of service was received on 05/12/2019 at 08:05:28 Your defence was submitted on 14/12/2019 at 11:45:17 Your defence was received on 16/12/2019 at 01:21:14
  13. She went in today and told the following 12 staff are moving and leaving No union No consultation as the stone manager has already confirmed who is staying. No selection process She's been told as customer support associate working in stores, they must move to sales on shop floor or leave on Christmas eve. Just complete joke of company
  14. My wife has been working for 3 1/2 years in well known large retail shop doing 5am to 11:30am, she has 20 hours contract processing delivery of clothing each shift. Today the delivery staff have been informed by the store manager they are cancelling the delivery work and day staff will be doing the work, they have been told there are few jobs on the shop floor and the manager will allocate the jobs based on full availability only. My questions 1, Can her employer terminate her employment without notice, 2, The employer is not giving any consultation period 3, Can the employer offer jobs based on staff hours availability ( They have stated staff must be able to work 7am to 8pm over 7 days ) They have stated they are making the decision who has a job by the end of December. And staff who are not allocated a job with leaving.
  15. So far Claim history Claim History Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 04/12/2019 at 20:28:57 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 05/12/2019 at 08:05:28 Your defence was submitted on 14/12/2019 at 11:45:17 Clock ticking now it`s waiting game, do think they will try and say its not SB but i have copy's emails from the lender chasing unpaid from Oct 2013, then nothing until 2017 so glad saved all the emails chasing unpaid debt from 2013 with same reference number as the court claim. Just hope BW Legal withdrawn the claim
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