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  1. I finally got a phone call this morning. It appears I was right, their T&Cs at the time of the agreement were such that you got a rebate on the interest for paying off early. However, for paying off 6 months early they are offering me £5.84 rebate! I asked them to provide me with the proforma that they have used to calculate this life changing amount of money.... I await with interest, no pun intended, their answer
  2. As mentioned in my post I did write to them asking for a copy, but I am not holding out too much hope that they will bother to respond, and even if they do, by that time I will have paid for the sofas and I can see them informing me I had x number of days to apply and that the time is up!
  3. My Daughter purchased two sofas from them in June 2008 on extended terms of buy now pay June 2009 and then extended for two years. In effect three years to pay for them. The cash price was £499 and they tacked on £278 interest for the privilege of paying slowly. Yes I know, ridiculous but it was the only way she could afford the furniture. Anyhow at the time it was explained to me that if she paid back in full before the end of the three year term that she would be able to reclaim some of her interest. So she has been paying and I have also been paying a little (unknown to her) and i
  4. Hi Lex, thanks for those links. In the end I signed up to BT's Choose to Refuse and everytime someone phones me who I do not wish to talk to I simply bar their number. I don't answer any numbers I don't recognise and if someone calls and asks for me I ask who is calling if they refuse to say I simply hang up and use the C2R and ban their number. It even lets you bar the last number you received whether or not is was withheld...... a most useful little device. The peace of mind it gives me is wonderful. If I do manage to get this sorted out though I shall be able to stop subscribing t
  5. Hi 42Man, another small query on this before I send 'the letter', The 12 day letter went to Buchanan Clark & Wells who were apparently acting on behalf of Aktiv Kapital. When they wrote to me on 21st and again 25th November they informed me they had asked their Clients to directly send me the documentation I had requested. Therefore do I send the 30 day letter to BCW or to someone else? I am just a little confused by the wording where it says:- * You may not pass the account to a third party. Clearly they have already had this passed onto them by the original Creditor. In
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply 42Man, and also for your welcome. I shall get an edited version of your letter off to them first thing Monday recorded delivery. The help that this forum provides is invaluable to people like me. When first these people started harrassing me for this debt I was at my wits end and it was making me more and more ill; I am already disabled with both ME and COPD. My Daughter finally snapped and phoned these leeches and threatened them with her physical presence if my state of mind deteriorated any further! If we had but known it then they most likel
  7. Firstly please accept my apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on the site but I suffer with ME and if I read anymore my brain will explode. I did some reading a month or so back and as a result of reading the advice on here I sent off the CCA letter to a DCA threatening me. By return of post they returned my £1 PO fee saying they had contacted their client and they would be contacting me direct with a copy of the CCA. Two days later they sent me yet another letter confirming that they had now heard from their client and I would be hearing from them directly. This
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