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  1. Just so you are aware (and to possibly save you the time and cost of the letter) the IGT admin charge is not something that E,On or any other supplier keep as profit, rather it is a charge required by the IGT provider for your site for admin of such. So even if you argue this with E.On / B Gas / Npower etc this will not stop them having to pay the charge and it is not a cost they can sholder for your supply. Most properties have IGT (Independant Gas Transporters) supplies outside of transco or national grid as they are now known because when your property was built the builders chose a IG
  2. As previously stated, your current supplier can not object to you leaving on the grounds of debt owed unless the balance has been outstanding for a period of 28 days. This is because they need to have given you chance to pay the balance on the account before taking any action. They do also have an objection "window" as previously stated. This is usually 7 days from the date they recieve the application from your new supplier to take the supply. if they have not objected in this window then they can not do so unless there are special considerations and both suppliers and you agree to it.
  3. Give powergen / E.On one more chance. Since energywatch was disbanded earlier this year all the large energy companies have agreed to register customer complaints on an internal tracker system to prove they are taking all necassary steps to resolve customer queries as quickly as possible (this is monitored by consumer focus to ensure adhereance), and if your complaint is not resolved in 56 days they must send you a notification of your rights as to what you can do to get your complaint resoved (or you can ask for this at any time). Also the definition of a compalint being resolved is that the
  4. in short, no there would not be a refurbished sticker on the meter and it is common industry practice to recertify and relocate a meter. There are a few ways to check if the meter has been replaced. On or near the meter there should be a yellow sticker giving the meter exchange date together with the meter serial number of the previous meter and the readings from when the meter was removed and they new meter installed. Failing this (and im assuming here you have been at the property for some time) check the bills before August and see if there is a different meter serial number on t
  5. What clare says is right to a degree, if you can prove there is a new tennant at the property, by either proof of sale, lease agreement or solicitors letter (with full law society number on letter headed paper) then the company was no choice but to fit a new supply as the previous debt was not yours. however they can ask for a security deposit for the supply on the grounds that they need some kind of risk mittigation if the next tennant does not pay but, dependant on the company, this will be refunded after 1 year or at the end of the tennancy period providing the bills are paid up to date. th
  6. Any energy suppier you are with can block your move to another supplier if you owe them any money for a period longer then 28 days, or there is a further contractual obligation you have agreed to fulfill before you leave (such as staying with the company in question for a set period of time in exchange for lower prices) although this usually only applies to business customers. The best thing to do if you are in any doubt is read your terms and conditions of supply of contact your supplier to ask if there is anything you need to do before you chanage supplier (ie give termination notice or pay
  7. This actully depends on what you are using the lighting for. In the thread you say its for landlords lighting and this is usually classed as business use, which is viewed differently to residential use. The main difference is that there is a billing code that applies to residential supplies and as Clare quite rightly states on this and other posts that it does depend on a number of variables such as the actions that the supplier has taken to get an acurate bill to you. however the suppliers are not presumed or expected to be mindreaders. If you have not told them about changes of circumst
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