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  1. Isn't this the exact same as them processing our data and making it public with the CRA's? They have no right to stop UK26 posting his own stuff online, if so then he wants to throw the book at them cos they are doing the exact same on a daily basis whenever that rubbish is advertised on their systems...... I think Lowells are grasping at straws and the more you guys give in the bigger their ego will get....
  2. Hi Please don't take this the wrong way but I am quite educated and understand the meanings of signs! However to clarify, the sign clearly stated "Maximum Stay - No Return within 2 Hours" That's it, no warning about parking fines or anything. I was within the white lines, had valid tax etc and was there less than the 2hrs, but regardless i'd be looking to obtain copies of whatever the parking attendant wrote and if needs be I would call him to court and use my more senior position within the same organisation to question his integrity. I actually manage an internal fraud department, i.e. I spy on staff so I think my integrity is sound lol However, this is a last resort as no doubt it could have repurcussions.....
  3. Ahhh well the law also has a protection in that it is "advisable to pay your PCN and appeal later otherwise you will be liable to the higher amount due, as appeals will unlikely be completed within the prescribed limits" I guess that means as it reads, that you should pay then argue later. It is not an admission of anything but avoiding the risk of having to pay the higher amount and/or it escalating with added court costs etc.... I assumed there may be a law that would allow me to have a bigger appeal, but I know the basics. Bottom line thePCN only shows code 30 - overstayed visit or whatever - there is no mention anywhere about the times he checked. Thanks for all replies so far - please do keep them coming....
  4. Wonder if anyone knows can you get out of a local authority PCN? I was hospital visiting daughter last week and parked on main road. It clearly stated on a sign that you could park (not pay and display - it was free) for a maximum of 2hrs. Thing is I arrived at 13.15 and at 14.29 I got a PCN using code 30 (Parked for Longer than Permitted) but I wasn't! How come the Parking Wardens get away with blatant lying? Is there anything I can do? I rung up the same day and paid using Visa card and thought i'd chargeback later but to be honest i'd rather appeal officially instead of playing dirty games with the council. Thing is, if it comes to an integrity thing with the warden we'd win hands down - we are both senior managers for the same council and graded at the same as the parking wardens managers, managers manager - so my word would stand in court far more than his but it's the principle and I don't want to use my weight because i work there. I shouldn't have to and would rather send a letter and get it wiped. The PCN itself is all legal except the reason because I didn't get there until quarter past one and I had 2hrs (15.15) and when I got to the car at 15.05 I found the ticket. I'd appreciate any help as I don't know how long is left before my appeal time runs out.....
  5. O2 done 3 searches with me and I argued and they said it was correct! I will edit this tomorrow with the direct number to speak to them about the 3 links...... they are a royal pain in the ars!
  6. Hi Guys Looking specifically to issue SAR against Hunters and Experian. Does anyone have a template letter specifically for Credit Agencies? Any help will be appreciated, i'll also update this post with whatever info I see them loading against me to help others out! Nightmare! Was anyone aware of this: SAR to CRA costs only £2.... not £10. Subject access request (Data Protection Act) Under the Data Protection Act, individuals can ask to see the information about themselves that is held on computer and in some paper records. If an individual wants to exercise this subject access right, they should write to the person or organisation that they believe is processing the data. A subject access request must be made in writing and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. In most cases, the maximum fee will be £10, but this can vary, particularly if the information requested is for health or educational records. If a subject access request is made to a credit reference agency, then the fee is £2, and the information must be provided within seven working days. A request must include enough information to enable the person or organisation to whom the subject is writing to satisfy itself as to their identity and to find the information. A reply must be received within 40 days as long as the necessary fee has been paid. A data controller should act promptly in requesting the fee or any further information necessary to fulfil the request. If a data controller is not processing personal information of which this individual is the data subject, the data controller must reply saying so. Taken from Here
  7. Dave can you sort out my access please mate, its gone! cheers
  8. Fair enough. For info to others, see here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/word-banks/183460-nattie-yourbank-has-been.html
  9. Hi sorry you lost your job. However, that was not due to posts on here, if so then PM me and i'll give you details on how to sue them for thousands! Sorry for ranting last time, but it really annoys me when employers think they rule their staff minds - they don't! Chin up.....
  10. As I mentioned in earlier post, because they did not see the act take place!
  11. And I thought I had problems with 31 defaults hahaha Chin up, don't let it get you down. I don't...
  12. Thanks mate - I couldn't find that thread!!! Cheers..... I am still thinking it's best to wait the time period then everything will drop off. Its hard (almost impossible) to prove I am not the same guy, in a nutshell a close friend done it. Thus I want no legal action taken, but for the sake of the law it was not me. Can you see my dilemma? If I sue/take it further then it means grassing up my friend who i've already beaten black and blue! Bottom line he applied for stuff in my name using my details but said I lived at the house, obviously it was only recently I found out how bad things were but cannot go to police - I don't work like that. So if it means it stays with me for 6yrs so be it. I was hoping, because I never signed for anything etc that I could have it removed.
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