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  1. Why worry, the DWP latch onto those who are in need, believe it or not I voted tory at last 2 elections - never again. They have shafted me big time. Duncan Smith has the Scottish Police Force investigating him over PIP Payment disaster with suicides. Tell DWP to sling their hook. They employ snotty nosed little brats to do their dirty work, I know, because my sister in law works for them - enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. They did that with me, sent attachment of earnings, boss told them sorry we are a micro business, I don't have to pay a penny, letter came back, if you've taken money stop!!! He hadn't, then 4 weeks later same thing happened, boss called them and said your stupid, do you know what your doing - do one, letter came thru, don't take any money etc etc,
  3. Waste of time DWP taking £316-00 from overpayment 22 years ago!!! They are taking it from my PIP. They cant even get figures correct as I am £22-00 short after their deductions, so have involved my local MP, even questioned Royal Mail as to how I never received letter that they were going to do this. Effing cheek. My God Duncan Smith is purging his guts on people, this could badly backfire as some people are resentful of certain people getting guaranteed accommodation due to a war crisis in middle east. As if the money owed is going to solve the nations debt, we are being sacrificed as pawns for those Bast*rd bankers who cocked things up in the first place.
  4. hi all, off my head, you received mkdp letter that is word for word the same as i received. looks like box standard to every one, they probably just looking for the odd one of us to cave in.
  5. The same has happened to my boss, who I am acting for, but on a managed loan.I see that a lot of the court claims are around beginning of April, and have formed the same opinion. They are just hoping to catch people out by default who do not know of sites such as these. good luck.
  6. I have received a cc claim form from mkdp worded exactly the same. the thing is though that it was an old business account that was for a LTD company. How should this be handled as I have every intention of fully defending. Old DCA letters have been asking for half the amount for a full and final settlement. This goes back to 2009. Also what should I ask for in a CPR 31.14 request.
  7. Why is it that when these idiots pertain to have purchased so called debts, do they always say "We will make efforts to get it from the original creditor"??? Now if I were to buy a business as a going concern I would be buying every piece of paperwork belonging to it so I would know exactly where the business stands - can you see my point?
  8. Hi pistonbroke, don'tworry about these lemons, they tried to get 10 grand out my mate, and took him to court, only for them to have not one person in the whole of the organisation to sign a cheque for 600 quid that the court needed for case to go ahead - as a result the case was vacated by judge, I fought for him and half the amount was illegal charges. all went quiet, and then a letter came saying Raven were chasing the amount - incompetant fools - I faxed the court ruling and said go on pal - you have a go, heard nothing since
  9. Hi Folks, I had fun with Tradepro Card Services who are really these muppets. they took to court and we defended, and letter from county court came through that the hearing date for case had been VACATED as they had not paid their hearing fee of nearly £600. They wrote a poor letter to the court to say there was nobody within their company at the time to sign the cheque, eeerrrmmm, a big company and all that paper work, etc twaddle tripe and horse poo. they really go under COMPELLO Card Services (Tradepro) and MKDP are more than likely the next desk in their posh offices. So after hearing vacated last year, Mkdp are now arranging payment arrangements!!! ER, we don't think so, they effectivly bottled out the hearing, but think they can start collection activity again??? Comments please, I may scan Court letter and mail it to them to show what bunch of loons they are being. If they had bang to rights, theywould have happily turned up at court.
  10. I am acting on behalf of a friends daughter against these buffoons, they say she has an orange account of debt around £800, even though I told them that she is in fact a MINOR the twit on phone said that this will escalate - so I said take it to court and the judge will laugh at you and throw it out, also illegal to demand monies from minors for whatever reason, and if continue will sue for harrassment. - bunch of plonkers
  11. Hi all, I have had dealings with these fools. Tradepro started off as a business credit card lot for tradesmen, and touted their wares in national builders merchants, they basically has a short skirt totty asking if anyone wanted to APPLY for a card. - the interest rates were extortionate, late payment fees were 35 qiud - need I go on. they tried to take my mate to court back end last year but I defended for him, and Tradepro didn't make the big payment to the court (£545) by a week before hearing and we got case struck out. I now see they are just low lide DCA's. Defend with vigour my friend, they tried to say they had no-one to sign the cheque - a big company like that and lots of money at stake, and nobody had a pen!!!! they were just hoping we would cave in and they would win by default.
  12. thrubolt

    Trade Pro

    Having bad dealings with these people. Am being taken to county court.Can anyone help me with these 2 points. Got letter from court, it says each party is to give standard disclosure by list and supplying copy of documents by blah blah AND, Statements of witnesses of facts are to be exchanged simultaneously by the blah of blah I need some direction from somebody as to what this means in real laymans terms. much obliged
  13. Their next pathetic step will be forged, sorry I mean reconstituted agreement which they will claim to be legally binding so do pay us blah blah blah - send letter offering them colonic irrigation.
  14. They are all idiots looking to use unscrupulous business methods to obtain money from poor citizens. The debts don't exist, they are written off against tax etc etc, why do you think these vulture pukes send out their last chance one off letters "We will take a third of what you owe for a settlement" Personally if lent some one 50 quid - I would want 50 quid back.
  15. Lowells are complete bufoons, for a year they have been threatening my wife and I sent them the usual letters. They will eventually say they own the debt and as if by miricle 2 letters will land on doormat each one pertaining to have: a.) bought the debt and b.) sold the debt - what utter tripe & twaddle. They said they would seek agreement from original creditor and it may take a while - utter poo! if they own the debt they have all paperwork, they eventually wrote and said there is no agreement BUT if one turns up they would chase it. - even more poo! but of the watery oral type. They are clinging on by their finger nails with myself saying we have asked for blah! but it may take time - sorry fools - 12 working days - update - we are still waiting - please be patient fools again 12 working days. I even chat to my pal who is our postie and we havew a laugh about what he's delivering. No agreement no payment. Sorry to go on a bit but these low forms of life seriously grate on my nerves by thinking we are thick. Any one else getting bog standard letters??
  16. So sorry to come in on this, but I have a friend who is in the same position as George, I wrote to Tradepro for copy of docs and they sent copy of signed Application form and highlighted the bound by bit, they supplied terms and condits seperatly but nothing refers to attached or overleaf - they have applied to Northampton but my suspicions are that because my mate buried his head a bit I am sure they are over confident that they will have an award due to default but I sent paperwork back that he was defending as he doesnt know how much is made up of charges like Georges looks about 4k plus!!! but the wording on the court docs is the same as Georges for taking him to court ie had time to cancel but now we want the full amount with interest.
  17. This is exactly the same word for word letter my wife received today. To me it is a full admission that they are ****d. I notice that because they have been well and truly had, they love to have the last word as a hanging threat - They admit the document is no longer available - but should it turn up we will be straight on your back again. Well have we got news for you. You have made an admission. No paper work - Vanquis have told you this - so why the c*** about should it turn up - durrrrr - what bit about it does not exist do you NOT understand. I am now going to send them a letter on my wifes behalf. Thanks to you B*S**A*** you have caused my wife so much upset and grief I am now billing you for all the letters that have been written to you - at standard rate ie banks rate plus compensation for the upset and stress. If they do not fulfill this I will inform them that I shall pass their details to a Debt Collection Agency to cough up or take them to the small claims cout. Well people do you think I am correct in turning the gun against them?
  18. They are bufoons, your letter reads same as my wifes word for word. They say as soon as the original lender can find it - Lowlifes reckon they purchased debt outright so shouldnt they have every single bit of paper work?? They will write to you again to be making it look like they are pandering to your needs. "News on your request blah blah they have let us know they are trying to retrieve it blah blah In event cant find - will write and let you know (yeah right matey) once you have seen your credit agreement we will ask you to pay your balance in full" To me that last sentence seems to be a threat which goes against guidelines. I am writing a FAIL letter in moment on behalf of other half.
  19. HME 4x4 I got same letter to a 'T' re ppi - word for word.
  20. They are a bunch of Morons, My wife got a letter from them dated 3/9/10 - received yesterday 10/9/10!!!!, They said they have bought the debt off Vanquis - in July 10 that makes it 2 months ago!!!, beats me how they bought the alleged debt because she had letters from Fredricksons and we chased them with a flea in their ear back in Jan 10, Oh, the letter that came was an A4 with a blue Vanquis logo saying they had sold the debt to Lowell and had to deal with them, but in the same envelope was a letter from Lowell saying pay up. - I wonder if they met at an M1 service station to put the 2 letters in one envelope???? I am not even going to bother my butt sending a prove it letter, I have all the proof in my file. Well done by the way.
  21. I am acting on behalf of my wife over an alleged Crapbot account with Littlewoods Barclays, they have sent an application form which my wife is alleged to have signed but their reply to my complaint stated that by signing this you adhere to everything on here so to speak. I have their original copy from jan 09 and on it someone left a stickit paper over where it says APPLICATION FORM in top right hand corner. I said in letter that this looks a bit fraudulant and their reply today was that in no way has anyone commited fraud, but if we don't get a reply in 14 days the matter is going to be escalated - any comments anyone, not that I or my wife are really bothered, but for the ALLEGED sum involved, well it would be cheaper feeding chickens. I am tempted to say take her to court, but it would have to be our local one and not Northampton as my wife has a disability. Thanks all.
  22. These chancers are chasing an alleged Crap 1 debt off my wife, she has just received a letter b4action; Interest £19.85 Court fees £15.00 Solicitor costs £50.00 Say they are acting on behalf of Lowells - Threats of CCJ I am now going to tell them to #### off What fun:grin:
  23. they just a bunch of numpties, just like whe whole lot of DCA's, they are all **** who would not volunteer for front line duty, but love to threaten people to the core, as bomber harris said one "They sowed the wind, so they shall reap the whirlwind"
  24. Sorry for creeping in, but regards my dealings with F.O.S, they don't half suck up to the DCA'S, they make out they are for the people but in reality they are just a bunch of coniving **** wipes. They tried to make out I was the bad one with vanquis, even though I provided proof of all my paperwork and had the gall to make a final decision when they admitted they were still waiting for more documents from me, the DCA wrote back and said that was the matter concluded, excuse me, but that is no way the end of the mattewr - do what I did and write to FOS and tell them what a bunch of T*****s they are, they are not the be all and end all in any way shape and form
  25. Hi Emptypurse, !st Crud are chasing me for alleged debt, and as I found out in my letter box on Saturday - so are Roxburghe debt collections. Oh dear very naughty that 2 are chasing 1. Have reported both to Office of Fair Trading and also in process of reporting to Information Commissioners Office for naughty handling of my personal data. What I have decided to do for some fun was to send the letters that they sent me back - but with a twist! I sent 1st Cruds to the chap at Roxburghe's and sent Roxburghe's to the chap at 1st Crud with a polite notice that they can fight amongst themselves for the alleged debt and to Bog Off.This will hopefully make them take notice that they are up against wrong person hahahahahaha:D
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