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  1. Thanks Andy,no there was no arrears.I shoud have used the site a bit more,I will in future.Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi thanks for the replies,the 3rd scan I posted was for the revised sum which was the figure I could afford.Am i right in thinking that is now the figure i pay until the debt has gone or we sell our house.What options do we have,i dont really understand the situation. I will tell it the way I think it is,could you correct me if ive got it wrong. Natwest's solicitors sent us court papers wnating the full amount,we filled in the forms admitted the debt and enclosed our income etc.We got a reply / CCJ from northampton court for a vast monthly payment £600 +, we applied for it to be re-hear
  3. Hi, thanks for reply.The ccj / co are in joint names as is the house.We do have small children an there is nowere near enough quity to cover the debt.
  4. Hi ,I admitted the claim,so got CCJ.Have been paying this on time every time.Just dont understand why charging order was granted and what the charging order letter ( copy on the first thread) means.Are we going to lose our home. Advice says if you keep up with a ccj they wont get a CO, but they got one.Advice says that forced sale is rare and that the creditor just wants security,but whats stopping them going for the house and whats stopping the same horrible judge grsnting them a sale.At wits end
  5. Hi Guys and Gals,anyone help re this,thanks
  6. Hello could anyone shed some light on this please.I recieved a CCJ last year for a loan with natwest.Northampton county court set the repayments very high.I applied for re determination in my local court.My local court reduced it to what we are paying via Payplan. Natwest then wanted a charging order,they finally got it in july,i defended it as best i could with good argument but the judge made his mind up as I walked in.In fact he new there solicitor,that was evident by the way they spoke to each other.To add he spoke to me like a peice of dirt. Anyway i have only just recieved the final
  7. Hi Andy, I have scanned the CCJ's before sending to payplan.They were only copies anyway looking at them. have just spoke to a lovely lady at the court who said just write a letter to the court asking for re determination. She said dont send the forms to payplan ( as you advised) earlier in the post. Even though i have sent the forms to payplan will it do any harm if i write to the court as the lady advised. Thanks
  8. Thanks Andy, we sent the original forms to Payplan to fill in our income/expendature. I just spent some time on google regarding Northampton bulk centre,and it seems that depending on who has dealt with it at the court,some people get huge repayments without looking at the forms. I rang payplan today and they said send the ccj forms to them and they will organise re-determination. i have posted them today special delivery.Dont know if I should have written to the court myself . Could I still write to the court even though I have just sent the papers to payplan.Or should I wait to see how pay
  9. We have been with payplan since aug 2008.We have made regular payments since then.The loan is a standard loan for £7000, and the overdraft is £3500. I have checked in the past the paperwork from the loan and all seems ok. The overdraft is full of charges. I have claimed in the past and been fobbed of with the court ruling.I written to them again this week regarding the charges. I just dont understand how northampton can expect us to pay £574 per month when we are on a dmp with payplan and have virtually nothing left when we pay out all our bills/food/ etc. I wa just hoping for a glim
  10. Is that the only advice you can give me, we are breaking point. Regards
  11. Hello, shosmiths solicitors acting for natwest took me to court for a loan and overdraft.I am on a dmp with payplan,they filled in the paperwork and sent it back to the solicitor.I/we recieved a ccj today asking for £287.22 each, the original court form had us both on it,but today we recieved a seperate ccj for £287 each. That totals £574 per month, the original loan repayment was only for £129 per month. I have sent the ccj papers to payplan on there advice,what happens now
  12. Hello Just recieved new letters from shoosmiths solicitors,they have taken off the claim for the mortgage.There was no apology though.It caused great distress. I have sent complaints to the financial ombudsman, from myself and my wife . S now whatdo i do, the loan is ok the CCA looks perfectly enforceable. But they owe me a small fortune in bank charges. £2000, that without interest. So what do I do now
  13. Hello I have sent complaints to f.ombudsman for natwest and for shoosmiths, sent them recorded delivery. If natwest insist on pursuing this, can i defend the claim because the owe me £1,000s in bank charges,I have registered a claim with them.Obviously this is for th overdraft.The loan is a different matter, I requested a cca and its seems fine.
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