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  1. Hi guys BT have restricted use of my home phone due to an unpaid bill. i have offered to pay them by instalments but they want the full amount before i can dial out again. i am getting calls coming in, but not able to dial out, as it keeps redirecting me back to bt. i remember somebody telling me a long time ago about a code you can put in before you ring your number so that it by passes bt. as i am thinking of going to another phone company also, does any one know the code, as bt are really being obstructive about this, and its now got to the point that i dont want to pay them on principle.
  2. so that means because i couldnt travel 300 miles to taunton he wins because i wasnt there? i was told i didnt need to be there. is there anyway i can contest this as this really doesnt seem fair to me. he gets away with £585 of my money because nobody bothered to tell me that if he doesnt agree with a mediator and i am not in court thats it??!! god i am so annoyed about this. there has got to be a way round this. anybody out there can help me out here?
  3. thanks so much, its really great to know that there is someone like you guys to advise and help. its like having my parents on the other end of the computer,tgiving me good advice. thanks again, i will ring them tomorrow and let you know how i got on.
  4. just reading my last message to you and realised didnt answer your question. on the form it said that i was not required to attend court, but should a further hearing be needed then i would have to chose whether i wanted it to stay at taunton or be nearer my home. really confused with all this!!
  5. When the form came through from the court they asked if i would like a mediator to help to come to some agreement with both parties. i ticked yes on this, but havent heard anything else since.
  6. Hi you wonderful guys I have been trying to find help on a claim that i started online due to a horrible cottage which cost me £585 to stay in for a week. the court hearing was in taunton on the 17th november as the defendant was disputing all the claim. i havent heard a thing since. i have emailed the courts various time but .... nadah .... zip ..... zilch ..... nowt .....nuffink...etc... you get the picture? anyway to cut a long story short, this cottage was booked and paid for, we arrived and it was a state. there was no way we could stay in it. we rang the owner and he basically said ...
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