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  1. mills1, care to let us know what happened? If it's not info you can share in public would you please send me a PM?
  2. Hold on. You went bankrupt AFTER the PPI was missold? Then you're on a hiding to nothing. At best, any monies owed would be owed to the official receiver! Surely the bankruptcy settled all your affairs with HFC anyway? Or am I missing something?
  3. Yeah, for any specific issues and/or to detail your own circumstances start your own thread. Try not to post anything which could be used to personally identify you!
  4. Good question! I think unless you're an expert all you can do is post them up here (with personal details removed) and ask for opinions. Hopefully, however, somebody more knowledgeable will be along in a moment with a better answer! Maybe there's a post or FAQ somewhere which explains what to look for?
  5. They sent you a cheque? I argued for that but got nowhere. Oh well. There appears to be no logic to how these folks operate. They refund you because the interest rate is extortionate, whilst you still owe them money, AND they're still gonna charge u credit card levels of APR?! Doesn't make any sense to me! Presumably they haven't defaulted you yet? All of my accounts in arrears were defaulted some years ago and I've not paid interest on any of them since then.
  6. I gather they've started paying people back the excess interest automatically now? My interest was already frozen as I'd been defaulted and CAB had got involved. When I won at the Ombudsman I got an interest refund of the "excess" interest. I didn't see any cash of course just a reduction in my balance. Am happy to share the info of course just don't want to give away too much personal info as my account is ongoing Suspect I've already told enough to be identifiable to the bank so it doesn't really matter now.
  7. Oops, I'll take that as a yes!
  8. I wonder if their loss to me at the Ombudsman prompted all this?! URL for the MSE thread please?
  9. So what was the outcome? Just read about these guys on BBC News, am surprised they're still in "business"!
  10. Just getting "them" to accept it. No other reason I can think of right now.
  11. Interesting idea! Possibly not practical nor meant as a practical suggestion but thought-provoking nonetheless.
  12. Following on from the above, I'd be interested to know if the DCA sent Kayyak's 3rd party's money back. If they did then there's almost certainly no enforceable agreement, as for a contract to be made there has to be an offer and acceptance and sending the money back within a reasonable timeframe would count as rejection as far as I'm concerned.
  13. That doesn't sound right Billyray. I think you should start a new thread btw as the topic here is full and final settlements and it was started by horsemad1.
  14. Thanks mate. I've considered that strategy but it's a little risky perhaps? I have one that it's time to try and settle so am considering my options. Thanks again.
  15. Nodefaults, did you negotiate first and then send settlement cheques, or did you just send the cheques unsolicited along with your terms and hope that they cashed them?
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