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  1. Thank you I've just read through our tenancy agreement and it says that we're not to use the premises for any trading or business whatsoever - but I wouldn't actually trading from the property, I'd be selling my wares in local shops. So I'm not sure where this leaves me..
  2. I've been on ESA since January after being migrated from IB. I have M.E. and mental health issues. Working for an employer isn't an option for me. I've been self employed before when I was younger and know what it entails. I make cards and jewellery and am considering becoming self employed again, even though I know I won't make very much money. What I need to know is: When I come off ESA, will I be eligible to have my earnings be topped up with income support? What will happen to tax credits? I have a son who is disabled, and he gets DLA middle rate care, and my husband gets carers allowance for him. Will this be affected? Also child tax credits, how will these be affected? I am receiving DLA lower care and lower mobility, I understand these won't be affected. We rent our house and receive housing benefit - will be still be able to claim housing benefit if I am self employed? Do we need to register the business and if so I wonder if this will affect our tenancy (private). Thanks in advance
  3. If I am to just pop into the shop and help out as and when, for an hour or 2 a week, and this is questioned by DWP, if I simply say it's work related activity and I am helping a friend out of good will, would that be legit?
  4. I spoke to my advisor at the job centre and she said I can't do it She said the shop isn't a voluntary organisation and they should pay me if I work there. Even if I don't get any money for working there it's still classed as working. I am so upset as it is the only place I can see myself being able to do any sort of work at the moment being as they're friends, it's a very relaxed atmosphere and they understand my disability.
  5. Hi, I'm on EAS in the WRAG and recently a friend has opened a shop. I'd like to help out as and when I'm feeling able to, and as I understand it, this is allowed under the 'permitted work' rules. I won't be paid and it will be 2-6 hours a week when I'm up to it. Can anyone tell me if this is OK? My advisor at the jobcentre is off sick and nobody there seems to be able to tell me anything.
  6. Hi, I went for my interview in June and it was fine. The lady said she'd see me every 3 months and that she'd contact me in September. But I haven't heard anything - so I'm confused. Why haven't I heard anything? Has anybody else had this experience? I'm scared my benefit is going to be stopped if I don't see the advisor again.
  7. Hi all. Well, I'm pleased to say that in April 2010 they settled out of court and we got rather a lot of money.
  8. Yes we have Housing benefit and council tax benefit, and I receive Dla - lower care and lower mobility.
  9. Hello one and all I am a disabled mum of a disabled little boy, and my husband is both our full time carers. I have M.E. and severe anxiety problems. I was on incapacity benefit since 2007 and recently changed over to contribution based ESA in April, placed in the WRAG group. I have my first work focused interview later this month. I can't think of any job that I could actually do if I was employed - I don't know how I'm going to feel from one day to the next. I suffer with severe fatigue and muscular pain and some days it takes my husband an hour to get me dressed. I was thinking of maybe starting to work from home doing something like selling breastfeeding bras and breast pumps, or Hiring out baby slings etc but I worry that this may cause more stress than it's worth. How would this affect my benefits and would I need to get insurance or do yearly tax returns? I ran a small market stall in 2004 when I was in my early 20's and I know the ins and outs of running a small business but since then I have obviously got ill and my health is not going to get any better. I need to be at home for my little boy too as he is still breastfed and needs a lot of help and constant reassurance from me. He is 3 years old next week (please no negative comments about breastfeeding). Any advice I would be grateful for. Thanks.
  10. Yes, he gets middle rate care and my husband gets carers allowance for him.
  11. What kind of job can someone with M.E. and mental illness borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety) meaning that they are completely unreliable and have no idea if they'll be able to get out of bed in the morning, do? Someone who has panic attacks at the drop of a hat, is constantly exhausted and in pain, could possibly turn violent and collapse at any given moment? Because apparently the DWP think that someone with these disabilities is capable of working! Also, I'm a full time mum of a disabled little boy who has cerebral palsy and autism, I am constantly exhausted and get stressed even just phoning someone or opening a letter. Every time I hear the phone I panic. My concentration is ZERO. I'll be honest, I can't read without having to read it over and over again, it just won't go in. I have a certain type of dyslexia that means I can't process information properly. I just don't understand how they can actually think someone with my problems can work. When am I supposed to expect this "medical"? I have my interview at the job centre in a couple of weeks, will it be soon after that? Or will I not have to have a medical?
  12. I'm still really worrying about this. I have to go for an interview at the job centre in June and I'm really worried about it. There is no way I can tell or not whether I'll be well enough to attend until the morning of the interview. The stress of this is making my ME worse. I just don't know what to do. I know people with M.E who have failed the medical and been forced to attend fortnightly group meetings and create CV's and stuff, I can't do that, I just can't!
  13. I've been on long term incapacity since 2007 due to M.E. I have incredibly limited energy and even on 'good days' when I feel kind of OK, if I use too much energy or get stressed, walk too far or move too much, I get very ill for a number of days. I've been changed over to ESA and placed in the work related group! I'm so upset and stressed, there's no way I can go to these interviews they're talking about me going to, I can't work! I couldn't hold down a job as I don't even know what I'm going to feel like when I wake up in the morning. My husband is my full time carer and he has to get me up every morning, dressed and washed. I can't put my own socks or shoes on, or put my seat belt on without help. This stress has now just made me feel physically sick, I'm so worried! I physically cannot commit to anything such as attending interviews etc, like I said I don't know how I'm going to feel from one day to the next. Help!
  14. Can someone please delete my second post?
  15. It turned out that they've changed my payment day to a different day, and deducted some money because I owe them for a social fund loan, that's all
  16. Thank you. I'm a big worrier, it's part of my illness....
  17. Hi, this may seem like a stupid question but I'm worrying. I've been on incapacity for 4 years due to ME, and in December I had to apply for ESA for the changeover. My IB was paid every 2 weeks but this fortnight it hasn't gone in - I'm worrying now. Does this mean I haven't been awarded ESA and that my IB has been stopped? I am definately NOT capable for work, and my husband is my full time carer. I had help filling in the form from a welfare rights officer. I'm scared
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