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  1. I have been instructed to pay £20 per month and whilst paying nothing can be done in regard to my property
  2. no just thinking about any future help for my daughter and was curious to know. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it
  3. Thank you so much for your help, one last question, would this affect an equity release application?
  4. 'So shall I make the offer to Nat West and still go for £1200
  5. I was paying Shakespeare Putsman and they told me that Drydensfairfax were taking it over and to pay them, so I assumed it was sold.
  6. jointly owned, the debt was mine but came out of a joint bank account. My husband never had his wages put into that account or even used it
  7. Trouble is I have been paying them every month because i don't want to go back to court
  8. Nat West took me to court, I was first paying them, then Shakespeare Putman and now Drydensfairfax. Would £1500 do it or this that too much? Ok sorry just read the other post, will try £1200. So do Drydensfairfax now "own" the charging order or can I apply to have it gone as Nat West have no interest?
  9. In 2011 Nat west were granted a charging order on my house for a debt of £7000. I have been paying Nat west as per the court order and the debt is now £3500. The debt is now sold to Drydens fairfax. what happens to a charging order if the debt is sold? And how much could I expect to offer for a full and final on this and get the order rescinded?
  10. I CCA'd Idem in March they sent the postal order back and said that they would get the information I required, pestered me to death and now enter Westcot. Yes you're right I have been intermittently on here for a long period of time and I have followed the advice given. I am not a regular visitor as I am currently sick and still receiving treatment after several operations. I'm sorry if I have offended or annoyed you. I have managed to win a couple of claims thanks to this site yes, but each one involved different players Idem and Westcot are totally new to me and I can't keep pace
  11. Who will be chasing me Idem? Do I have to start to pay them? And are they likely to take me to court? Sorry I think I CCA'd Idem and they sent the £1 back. The card was taken out on 2001
  12. Hi, I had a credit card from the Halifax which after I lost my job, I was paying £20 per month after discussing a lower payment. This then went to Blair Oliver Scott and I kept paying. After it went to Idem in May this year I stopped paying as I didn't think they had a right to collect. They hassled me by phone ringing every day sometimes twice a day and I ignored them, partly because I am deaf and couldn't hear my phone. now I have Westcot chasing me. Can you please give me some advice? Do I now have to pay Westcot? Are they likely to take me to court?
  13. No I didn't, they were just two shoppers and I was in so much pain.
  14. It was still wet when the manager and I walked around. Thank you all for your help. I will write to the manager asking for the cctv footage if it's available. It has been really helpful getting different views but really should the sarcastic so and sos be posting if they can't be objective and non judgemental? I will let you know how it goes. Thank you.
  15. the walkway is painted in the stuff that yellow lines are painted in. It becomes slick when water is on it, particularly as on this day, there was water pooled on it. The car parking spaces are in the kind of material you see in kids' playgrounds so don't seem to be slippery. If that makes sense. I slipped/tripped from the walkway onto the empty car parking space.
  16. Yes I was planning to write direct to them, particularly as he said he would look at the CCTV footage and let me know the outcome. Should I write to my local store or to the Head Office? the slippery floor on the walkway. I was hoping the CCTV caught it. Sorry to here about your mother a broken shoulder is no joke either.
  17. I should say that the accident happened early in the morning. The car park was virtually empty. I wasn't walking through cars that had come in from the rain. In fact it wasn't raining that particular day, although it was the day before. I wasn't planning to go to an injury lawyer. They make my blood boil with their "have you fell off the end of your pencil?" spiel. I was planning to write to the store but just wanted advice as to how I should do it and what you thought my chances of success were.
  18. I thank the genuine people who are trying to help me and giving their advice. I don't want to claim for pain and suffering or loss of earnings but I just want to know what are my chances of recouping what I would have to pay the dentist, as well as what I have already paid.
  19. I find your remarks quite offensive I have never attempted to make a fraudulent claim in my life. I ignored your first comment about the rain as I thought your attempt at humour was misplaced, even with the poor spelling. I think you need to think about what you are saying before you jump to conclusions. This is no joke, I have been asked to decide if I will have surgery. This is after two major surgeries this year. I think if you are just here to vent your spleen and not offer constructive advice you are part of a problem not a solution -therefo
  20. Well thank you for your concern. Talk about jumping to conclusions, which is not helpful. I didn't trip over my own feet, the path where you are supposed to walk is a different surface to where you park your car. The floor was wet and slippy, with a pool of water on it. No warning signs. The manager checked my footwear when I returned to the store to fill out the accident form and ensured there was no trip hazard or loss of traction. I certainly do not make a habit of making fictitious claims but I feel the supermarket was negligent and as I have o
  21. The walkway was very wet but I didn't see any damage. Obviously after the fall I was so injured I didn't take photos. Which was odd for an undercover car park, the wetness I mean
  22. the manager said he was going to view the CCTV footage, I assumed it was run by Sainsbury's. It is a free car park under the store
  23. Hi I tripped and fell in Sainsbury's under cover car park. There was a pool of water on the floor and I fell flat on my face breaking my front tooth and nose. No one from Sainsbury's came to my aid, two passers by helped me to my car and I phoned my daughter who drove me to A and E. I went to Sainsbury's the following day and spoke to the deputy manager, he filled in an accident form. Went to the car park with me and took photos, examined my shoes and told me he would look at the CCTV footage and call me up last week. So far nothing! I also showed
  24. Yes and then they asked me to pay myself at his address.
  25. Thank you. I am so upset. It made me feel physically sick and I still cannot eat anything. So what shall I do now?
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