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  1. They have always had my address, why have they taken so long? Is it because they don't have the right documentation to take it to court?
  2. thank you, yes I took your advice and sent a CCA yesterday. Intrigued to see what this reveals as Idem came up short
  3. That's all they sent after I requested that they show proof that they have a right to pursue me. There were several pages of transactions from very early on but that's it. I will wait and see what the CCA throws up.
  4. Apologies for that with look at it again, it was so small I missed it.
  5. I will upload the stuff today. The first page is a photocopy of my Personal details from Halifax. Page 2 is terms and conditions with my signature dated 26/01/2006 and the rest are statements not on Halifax paper, ie no logo just type, dated from 02/02/2006-02/12/2008. The statements are not worth sending them all but will send one to show you what I mean. Thanks so much for your help
  6. thank you very much, I got confused then. i will send a CCA request tomorrow
  7. I didn't know Idem was now Hoist. It's the same old circus then. Should say they threatened to send someone round to my house but stopped action when I disputed the claim. I am afraid they will send someone to my house as I am nearly housebound I'm in all the time and I can't face these people off. Sorry to be a nuisance, my memory is not as good as it once was, but what is the reason this "debt" doesn't show on my credit report?
  8. Hello, I have received letters from Hoist Finance about an old Halifax card. I last paid anything in 2018 to a credit company, before it was claimed by so many debt companies, I didn't know if KFC had considered buying it. Then up pops Hoist. I said the account was in dispute and to send me something linking it to me ie with my name. Saturday I received a letter saying they had halted any action. This morning I received a letter showing all transactions and my signature dated 2005. I am a pensioner with very little income now, so any payment needed would be minimal. Nothing is showing on my credit account and I have rebuilt my credit score. Do I have to interact with Hoist? Can they take it to court? Please advice me as to how I should carry on with this. Thanking you in advance
  9. I have been instructed to pay £20 per month and whilst paying nothing can be done in regard to my property
  10. no just thinking about any future help for my daughter and was curious to know. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it
  11. Thank you so much for your help, one last question, would this affect an equity release application?
  12. 'So shall I make the offer to Nat West and still go for £1200
  13. I was paying Shakespeare Putsman and they told me that Drydensfairfax were taking it over and to pay them, so I assumed it was sold.
  14. jointly owned, the debt was mine but came out of a joint bank account. My husband never had his wages put into that account or even used it
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