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  1. Hi guys I have had the same phone in today to pay my Mortgage and GE money told me they have sold my Mortgage to Kensington now here is the question , I was never inform of this , does this mean now I am Mortgage free ? also what if , say Kensington default charges are different than GE Mortgage ? can I challenge this and be Mortgage free ? any input on this matter would be very much appreciated
  2. Hi guys I have received this letter today from BWlegal in respond to my request forCCA , [Please see attach image file ] your prompt reply would very much beappreciated as I only have until 25 October 2013 before they kick me out of myhouse. So everyone is familiar with what has gone on with BWlegal ,I received a letter from BWlegal stating they are going to Send aBankruptcy petition to court to be issued. I respond back with three action sent a letter with One pound cheque to BWlegal asking them for CCAusing the template from here Sent a lett
  3. I Couldn't agree more with your statement citizen , what gets me down is these company actually do get away with these threat , and the so call 'People Government' well they do not care about the poor. I am in debt not because I wanted to go in debt but was force to go this far. When families have to feed their young's one then people have little choice but to borrow money when state fails.
  4. Guys thanks so much for your replies hopefully this should help others , this is what I received from them via email Dear Sir, I write in reference to the above matter and thank you for your email received on 4 October 2013. Unfortunately due to the Data Protection Act we are unable to discuss any information pertaining to the reference quoted without first completing Data Protection verification. We would therefore appreciate it if you could contact our offices on the below number in order to complete Data Protection verification enquiries which will allow us to correspo
  5. I have just sent this letter to BW Legal asking for the CCA , wish me all the best I acknowledge the receipt of your correspondence via email dated07/10/2013 from Bhadur Singh Sur. This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreementrelating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Actrequires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within thestatutory time limit. You are reminded that should you fail to co
  6. Hi All I have today received a correspondent from BWLegal stating theyare acting on behalf of Lowell Portfolio 1 ltd and that they will file aBankruptcy Petition against me in my local county court. Okay keep this tread to the point four years ago I was indebt by 1300 pounds Vanquis Visa credit card kept on leading me and I kept ongoing into debt to the point I owe them1500 pounds , when I was not able to pay any debt back they kept on applying double interest and service charge follow by admin charge. So theamount is in dispute to this point Vanquis
  7. thanks guys for all the feed back I brought this from the 3 Store in a different town , The 3 store that I went to state that I have to keep the contract and that there is no cooling off period, but they are willing to swap the phone for another like to like , I fused and stated that I want a Sony Erricsion phone , the sale's man refused and stated that I had to either accept his offer or go back to the store where I brought the phone from. in the end I felt why should I continue on with the contract with that type of attitudes:|
  8. You are correct that is the cooling off period but , because its the financial melt down period , they are trying to fob me off by saying that I can't cancel the agreement. I have already cancel my direct debt and shall write a official complaint today
  9. I have just spoke to Ofcom who have stated that I have to write a official complaint which they have 8 weeks to get back to me , however if I don't hear anything from them within the first 2 weeks I need to log a case with Oftel I wish I never took up a contract with three and please people don't buy the N97 its full of crap and I am big crap
  10. Four days ago I brought Nokia N97 on Three network , at the time it seem to be a bargain but guys after two days of using the handset , it freeze , it cashes , it doesn't even dial a number anymore. So I go back to 3 store a different one as I brought my handset from a different town so it made sense to go to the nearest 3 store. guess what they won't cancel my contract stating its in my T&C I stated that the handset is unfit for its puposes. and I am fed of it. they just won't have it back , is there anything I can do , I feel like taking them to court? via small co
  11. Hi there Has anyone had a chance to look at this agreement so that I may be a close to this final chapter? please do help me. LloydsTSB are still charging me interest as well as Cti
  12. Well that was easy in iMac enclose are all the documents that Citi have sent me Citi-agreementpics.zip
  13. Hi guys sorry for the late reply , this was due to my ill health and over work trying to meet ends . just really had enough of all this. Citi Cards are still charging me interest and have been doing so since I have started this post as per request by the users i have now scan all my agreements that Citi have sent to me. as far as I can tell I haven't received a sign copy as of yet. and need to know if I can get them to wirte this off. there are more files to upload i need to way a way of unzipping them in iMac , should have this done by today
  14. sorry guys for the late reply , I am going to post two images of this agreement and I hope you can help me from there bare with me please.
  15. guys i just received today a letter from Citi and I am not sure if its a enforcement agreement or not this is what they say Further to your recent request for a copy of your credit card agreement for XXXXXXXXX we enclose a true copy of your agreement with CitiFinancial Europe Plc. The true copy provided includes; 1. A copy of the original terms and conditions of your agreement, including the original interest rates, applicable at the time of your application. This copy agreement does not included the signature box , signature or date of signature as in accordance with the
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