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  1. done. how do i report them? how do i get my fee back? one of the numbers is an 'application' number and the other is for those waiting for non existing paperwork. if you ask for information on the 'applicant' line they hang up and if you ring the enquiry number they never answer. they need stopping before they do some damage to people who the loss of this fee does real damage to.
  2. If anyone is offered a loan via a company called city financial DO NOT FALL FOR THIS [problem]. they offer a loan, as do many, after an up front fee of £67 with a promise of a decent loan amount at a decent interest rate, then once the fee is paid, lo and behold, there is NO application through the post, and no loan offer. the only offer we got was from another loan company offering to give us money after we PAID MORE UP FRONT FEES. they are very genuine sounding, with a registered company number and address that show up at companies house (this is probably also false - beware of this tactic). Again they trade as CITY FINANCIAL under NORTH FINANCIAL SERVICES and are complete and utter thieves. they say they are trading as: NORTH FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED 13A HYDE ROAD WOODLEY STOCKPORT CHESHIRE UNITED KINGDOM SK6 1QG Company No. 06875572 tel nos 0161 4065910 0161 4065914 i am bewildered how a [problem] like this can exist in these times. how is it possible?
  3. ok thank you for that. i will consider my options carefully. any other opinions also welcome. D.
  4. ok i got you, so if i paid them the total, less 749 i would owe them 749 but this would be an amount they could not bankrupt me over right? but i thought that someone could bankrupt you for any money if the total you owed other creditors was included also? like if i owed them 749 plus my mortgae was xx they include this, or am i mistaken?
  5. they could make me bankrupt if it all went really badly, but unlikely eading the rest of this thread....it's over 1k but not much. my question is can they be trusted if i pay up?
  6. i've also had one letter from them and today a second one claiming they will make me bankrupt. here's a little bit of a story: i forgot about a debt, after moving house and changing bank accounts, and sent a CCA to the pursuers (can't remember the name), anyway they replied to the CCA within the 12+2 days (which surprised me), i never replied to this, and strangely enough they didn't contact me again. it was clearly my debt and i posted the CCA on this site, with the suggestion from one or two posters that the CCA might be legaly flimsy because of the way the interest is calculated. now ruthbridge have contacted me, offering a 50% reduction in amount if settled within 7 days. it is quite a small debt, and i could afford this at a push. question is are they reliable? will my account with this debt really show up as "settled" with all other agencies as they promise or is it just another [problem], and they will suddenly find themselves keen to get teh other 50%? the new settle amount is roughly what i owed when i forgot about it, and deletes all the rediculous interest that i was not intending to pay. i don't mind paying if this is genuine. look forward to hearing any advice. the other option i have is to hang on for statute barred which is still another 2 years away. thanks, d.
  7. Hi all thanks for the interest in the thread. I fully intend to honour our loose agreement, and my part of the investment is tied up in my house. I had reasonable equity at the time we did the deal, and unfortunately the housing price drop and the reluctance to lend at past equity balances have meant there is no way I can consider investing in a second property, which is how I was going to reimburse the person. This was always intended to be a very long term repayment plan. We fell out over another issue, and as this person has a history of explosive and unreasonable behaviour, they demanded their money back. All in all, if they try to take me to court and the court rules I must sell my house, really after agent percentages and court costs are taken into account, there will be nothing left. If however the person is patient and sticks to the original plan, when the housing market shifts again, things will move and we will make money. I was just wondering really how much a court could do if it came to it. Thanks again. D.
  8. hi thanks for the reply. it would be good if someone did have the knowledge to share on this issue. as far as i can see, there seems to be no reason in low why a family matter is treated differently than a normal credit agreement, except that there is in all cases, as in this one, a lack of supporting paperwork. it would be good do find out more. thanks again, deeper
  9. Hi all, I've recently had a massive family feud, involving a more senior member of my family attempting to reclaim money that was "lent" to me after the death of another family member, from the onheritance of this senior member. the person has lost all of thier money and is attempting to reclaim what they lent me. the sum is over £50,000. there were no terms to the "loan", nor repayment schedule in place, and i was to repay the person in property investment, which i still intend to do, buy obviously not right awa, as i am unable due to the market being so deflated. i was wondering what my legal standing is on this issue. can i get sued if there is no contract and only ever a loose verbal agreement? if i can get sued, then right now, bakruptcy is my only option, meaning i will loose everything also. (currently only stagnant equity in my own property). if i go bankrupt, will i still potentially owe this money? i hope someone can give me some advice on this problem, kind regards, deeper.
  10. there are no more parts to the agreement. one photocopy is of the front of the document, and one photocopy is of the back of the agreement. there was only ever, according to this, one sheet of paper. CCA on the front and T&C on the reverse. these are as per photocopy. now what do it do???
  11. hi davey77 and all, i've just read the terms and conditions, and the "overleaf" referece that you referred to, and it would seem that the T&C in the original were on the back of the agreement, as in several of the terms and conditions, it refers to "as laid out on the front of this document", so no, there are no other parts to the CCA. how do i now proceed??
  12. davey, so are you saying they are not able to approach me for this debt in the first place?? how should i respond to their letter?
  13. ok that is all the paperwork i have for this case, please help!!
  14. hi davey77, sorry, those were posted earlier, here they are again. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
  15. hi all, ok sorry, here's the rest of the mail i got from link. one is the "small print" accompanying the CCA and the other two are summaries of charges. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting thanks in advance, d.
  16. there is a small print page, do i need to post that too?
  17. hi 42man, thanks for posting the links. however, i'm not sure, in fact even more confused as to what significance these have. are you suggesting that the agreement is unenforceable? or that it is? also, my main gripe over this whole issue, is that i was never contacted by any company to initially tell me my payments had stopped or that they were not received, or that my debt was being passed onto any agency. do they not have a legal obligation to inform me by post of these matters, which in this case would have been back in 2005. if i has reset payments, or payed in whole, at that point, when i should have been made aware, the interest would not have got so large. although, if you are saying that the whole agreement may not be enforceable, then i might be able to not pay anything, which after such a long time, i feel quite happy to try. thanks, d
  18. hi again, hope this is right this time. thanks for the info on posting these. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting hope to hear from you soon. deeper.
  19. note on the above, the images ive posted seem too small to read, but any bigger and they exceed the max width requirement for attachemnts. suggestions??
  20. hi again all, i've attached the scans of the covering letter, (which i never received, the first correspondence i got from them was a month later), the credit agreement, and the most recent covering letter in response to my CCA request. there was also attached a list of interest charges, charged to me since 2005, when the bank began bouncing my payments. my complaint here is that i was not contacted by anyone since 2005 to allow me to pay an overlooked oustanding debt. all help much appreciated. many thanks in advance, deeper.
  21. hi cerebusalert, I had made payments up until 26th sept 05, then there are payments returned by the bank until dec 05. This was a period when I was having a financial nightmare through the sale of a house, and got behind with several bank payments. I had considered that I had payed all of them off after the house was eventually sold, as I had about two or three household items on consumer credit. I was never contacted at this point or afterwards by anyone concerning this debt. I even had a new loan for a car through GE in march 07 and they never mentioned any bad debt history. I'll work on scanning this in and posting it. Thanks again. deeper.
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