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  1. thanks for your reply i'll get that done this week - its the first one i've ever filed !
  2. is it best to file at local court of via MCOL???? Anyone?????
  3. Right latest with this one, they gave me a final offer of £135 for default charges etc, i said no i'll take you to court that was over two weeks ago, i have today received a letter stating they will not negotiate or enter into any further correspondance. how do I file for court - NEVER got to this stage before = HELP!
  4. have had the cheque through for the ppi! although it was sent to my previous address!! even though all correspondence has been to my current address! just got to get the charges back!!
  5. ok iv never got to the court papers stage before - theyve normally paid up but this cap one and egg both need to be pushed. where do i start
  6. Hello All. Right i have WON part of this case - I got the PPI back plus interest :o) So now I need the overlimit charges back, with interest this amounts to near 800 They sent a letter yesterday offering me £135 HAHHAAHAA!! So they will be getting a nice letter saying er no! I think I will have to go through court to get this one back but dunno how I go about it! this is the second offer they have made! so they have already had the no thanks letter
  7. Hi Wondering if ANYONE can help me I purchased a moses basket on the 8th Oct 09, when the product arrived I took it out the box it seemed fine so into the nursery it went. The baby was born at the end of October and into the moses basket he went! the other day I was moving the basket *(not with him in it)* its never been moved its always been in the stand and I felt something wasnt quite right, i lifted the sheet at the end that covers the moses basket and to my horror the basket was cracked and broken at the top, making it defective and potentially dangerous. I contact
  8. Well I have this morning received a letter from the lovely Sarah at Credit Resource SOlutions Ltd asking me for £400 ish on an outstanding catalogue debt. I have been making payments to this debt but only token payments hence the reason its been passed over. what letter is it i send them to basically make them prove they have the right to collect the debt?
  9. Most agents require guarantors to be homeowners as it means they are 'more likely' (in the loosest sense of the term) to be secure, as you say though many agents may differ. I work for one of the biggest agents and we along with numerous others I know of require that any guarantor used is a homeowner, as it has shown from experience that those not are more likely to fail the credit check that they themselves have to have completed.
  10. Hello Right the information given to the agent shows confirmation of your identity and your partners. It will tell the agent various things and gives an overall score on your credit rating, if this is affected byt he defaults which my guess is it will be then you will be asked to provide a guarantor Do you have anyone who would be willing to act as guarantor for you? they would need to be a uk based home owner and in employment.
  11. im in the same situation - have you had your cheque now?
  12. thanks for your replies as I thought if they really want me they can send a letter through the post for me to ignore :o)
  13. Hi guys, Wondering if you can help me? I received the following EMAIL - my phone picked it up but Outlook didnt - outlook had deleted it as SPAM..... It reads as follows.... Reference: J.................. Dear XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, We have been instructed in connection with an outstanding account that you have. To avoid further action being taken please contact us immediately on the following number: 0844 559 2866 If you fail to contact us, further action may be taken against you. Yours sincerely, Sarah Monroe Debt Recovery Department Office hours : Monday -
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