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  1. I didn't have my cards with me and there was no other parking nearby, they only had the two machines on the road.
  2. Hi I received a PCN for parking in a bay with no ticket displayed, along with other drivers also parked in bays. The two machines on the road were out of order. am I correct in challenging this PCN. Help Sought. Many Thanks
  3. Dear Andy I made an application to the LVT and in the directions they have asked me to give a detailed summary of my claims by the 19 April 2011, i haven't got aclue what to do, i did approach the law scholl but they were unable to help. I would be grateful if you could assist me to draft the detailed summary. many thanks
  4. Please could someone give me some guidance I own a flat and the maintenace company s charges are so high and they keep on adding surcharges for non payment, is there a body that i can contact to see if the charges they are leving are fair. many Thanks
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