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  1. well after a five month break. wonga are back. sis has received e-mail from wonga stating that she was a valued customer before her "difficulties" and they have offered a reduced settlement of £230 to be payed in 3 monthly amounts. they state it is a very generous offer....a third of the outstanding balance?....offer open for 2 wks...once honoured...she can re loan at a reduced rate untill she re-approves her trustworthness:smile: she will need a bloody straw to eat her food if she ever loans with these types again. no mention of cca. any advise welcome,she wants it cleared up.
  2. WE USED THIS.....HEAD OFFICE Trinity House. 16. John Dalton Street. Manchester. M60 8HS.
  3. would still ignore. still might and may 's, and if mights and may 's were chocolate,lowlifes would not have enough to fill a smartie.
  4. Hi. can you take us through from the beginning. what letters you recieved and sent/calls made etc. The SD was for a barclay card.which you denied ever having. And then THEY ADDED another alledged debt (capital one). Is this correct,your father payed both these amounts in full,and you never had ANY of these cards?
  5. :mad2:FFS lowlifes again. terrified of losing her home and father payed this in full. father is 81 years old:!: hope op returns.
  6. yes:???: you only send £1 with cca request.not prove it. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?428-General-debt-letter-if-you-know-nothing-of-the-debt try that if you intend replying to them.
  7. P O box 55 liverpool L32 8xx
  8. cca original creditor if it is still with them. to dca if it has been passed to one.
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?266775-Lowell-Financial&p=3039870#post3039870
  10. Would have thought you would be to busy at the job centre James. post 10 as pointless as all the others.you are wasting your time popping up every 6 wks.NO ONE is going to contact you. You have no intention of helping,You have not responded to any invitation to help or comment on questions asked on other threads have you? why not resolve what you call concerns on the forum. or go back to
  11. you are so right:lol:the longer you ignore closer to SB.IF IT IS NOT ALREADY,SO ANOTHER OPTION,IF BY A MIRACLE THEY COULD SUPPLY CCA:jaw:
  12. If you can put up with the same crap threats, that will now arrive from hamptons(lowell desk 3)would still ignore untill such time that they state WILL OR ARE not may. Next letter from hamptons will be on behalf of their client red (desk 2 ). They will say that they intend to obtain your cf...to help them deciede which form of litigation to take...more scare tactics...designed to get you to contact.
  13. Hi. we use it for e-bay and amazon.
  14. :welcome:would simply mark the envelope,not at this address and return it unopened.
  15. . ...do you think they will have the signed agreement from me still after all this time ? ... cat x very,very doubtfull:-)
  16. James has been absent for weeks now,maybe his new hobby to pass the time till he feels ready to post his/her "help" again:typing:
  17. so you have been requesting proof for 6 month,.:deadhorse:with lowell. defo cca request time
  18. Is this what you sent? http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/573-general-debt-letter-if-you-know-nothing-of-the-debt what do you mean by numerous?
  19. They signed for the letter yesterday:lol: Today received identical letter as the one responded to. This one has a leaflet enclosed:roll:from Kensington Financial Management Consultants. A brighter future awaits you.Are you strugging with your credit cards,store cards,loans,catalogues and utility bills? we can help you with your debts. only got 2 debts this statute barred one that robbers are after,and a 8 year old unenforced ccj that HL legal keep having a lame stab at every couple of months. so will not be taking them up on their kind offer. small print on reverse says. This service is confidential.No information will be passed to kensington financial management consultants,nor will they call unless you request it-Robinson Way Ltd.
  20. no need for good luck with this pcbubba:lol: subbing as nosy and to see post kick butt again.
  21. You need to get this in writting. Total amount payable and agreed payment dates. confirmation that they will not add any further charges over the next 7 months. £61.50 sept to feb is £369....? Still lose your card,they will and have wiped out accounts after a agreement has been made:-x would stay of the phone to them at all costs. note that the arrangement is for £61.50 a month, more than you offered,have they pursuaded you that this is the only amount that they will except to stop further action? get it in writting and only then pay...by standing order only.
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