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  1. I have today received a cheque for £121.00 and an apology. It's a refund of two instalments of loanguard overdraft insurance plus 10 years compound interest. It came from Customer Concerns, 5th Floor, 1 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester. M3 3AQ. Turns out it was they who owed me money and it was only with the prodding of the Financial Conduct Authority that they gave it back. I wonder, could I claim back the 3 PPI policies they sold me 10 years ago or is it too late or is someone trawling through all the insurance policies they sold?
  2. won only in the sense that I didn't pay the huge amount of money they claimed I owed them. Yes it did drop off eventually even though they were continuing to claim I owed them £6,000+. I am now debt free and that's a win as far as I'm concerned
  3. I won! I checked my credit reports today and all mention of rbs has gone. My relationship with them is finally at an end and my credit rating is now good. Champagne tonight I think.
  4. Thanks for the helpful advice. She's average ability wise so probably no chance. It's behaviour and the bullying she gets for being different that is the problem.
  5. My daughter who is now in her last year of primary school has Turner's Syndrome. Up to now she has been fine in mainstream education but the effects of the Turner's are now beginning to make themselves apparant. She will need a lot of extra help at High School if she is to cope. I know that the first step for this is for her to have a statement of special educational needs but I don't know where to start. Her primary school has been useless. This is the first year since my daughter started at the school that they have had a designated SENCO.
  6. Sorry, issued by a private parking company on behalf of my employer . The person who parked the car on my employers land was carrying out the employer's business at the time
  7. much better. I shall continue to ignore. My parking ticket was issued by my employer because the car was parked on their premises.
  8. If they say they've passed it on to debt collectors will that show up in your credit file and wreck it?
  9. To the site team. Thanks for removing it so quickly.
  10. you need to get in touch with the bank. I'm just a dissatisfied ex-customer. i'm just a dis
  11. She can't work, she has a child and no other income. They have stopped all her benefits. How are they expecting her to cope?
  12. my sister has cancer and is about to start chemotherapy. Her dla has just been cancelled and her appeal has been disallowed. Is there anything she can do about this?
  13. I have not heard from rbs since they sent me their response to my data request last year. Credit report due to be cleared in May next year. I think I've WON and by Xmas I will be debt free! If you keep challenging them they do back down eventually. Never give up if you know they have been using shady tactics to steal your money. It's taken six years but I've now paid back what I owed and not paid the money they tried to swindle through PPI mis-selling
  14. I was making payments through cccs until 2 years ago. The ccs divided my payments into two amounts. one was supposed to be to my current account to pay off my overdraft and one to pay into the loan account. However between them they managed to cock it up. Both payments were made into my current account. This means that I haven't made a payment into my loan account since 2004. My current account at one time was £4,500 in credit but this eventually disappeared into a Router account. I found all this out when I looked at the information sent as a result of the DSAR. At the same time they wrote to
  15. I'm certainly not going to make myself bankrupt! Apart from this RBS debt I have paid off my other debts and the defaults are due to drop off my credit record in a couple of months. the rbs one should drop off in a couple of years and my credit files show the amount of indebtedness to rbs has gone down from £18,000+ to £6,000+. they aren't chasing me for payments any more and they can't take me to court because of the statute of limitations - the account has been in dispute for over six years now. I don't need to do anything - they are timed out and can't threaten me with anything. I can thre
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