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  1. and so he should have !!! This forum is fantastic !!
  2. I dont know whatt Welcom are up to, but with reference to my post yesterday, I have just had the FOS onto me by phone and e-mail. They have said that at long last Welcome have decided to refund the rest of my PPI claim. FOS have basically said ( and I got the guy to fax me the letter as proof as Ive not received it ), that they have recommended certain guidelines to be followed by Welcome and also ordered them to pay me compo on top as well. As I am in work I cannot scan onto they forum but I will type up the letter I have received from the FOS as apparently Welcome have reviewed a number of cases that they have decided to rectify this way...............Here Goes !!! Dear Miss ......... Your complaint about Welcome Financial Services Ltd I am writing to you about the latest position of your complaint concerning the payment protection insurance ( PPI ) policy you took out with Welcome Financial Services Limited. I am pleased to be able to let you know that following our intervention, Welcome Financial Services Limited have agreed to make an offer to you. I consider the offer is in line with our guidance and is appropriate given the circumstances of your complaint. I am therefore writing to explain the terms of the offer. ( Then it goes into how my PPI policy will be cancelled blah blah blah ) The settlement of your complaint will be calculated by taking into account the type of PPI policy or policies you have - and whether or not there is still a loan in force. We have set out our typical approach to redress in a factsheet at the end of this letter. Welcome Financial Services limited offer also includes £200.00 compensation for any distress and inconvenience you may have been caused and this in my view is appropriate given the circumstances of your complaint. If you would like to accept this offer please sign and return the enclosed settlement form to us by 28th July 2009. We will then pass the form to Welcome Financial Services Limited so it can finalise the detaisl of their settlement with you. I think it is helpful if I let you know that Welcome Financial Services has told us that it may take up to eight weeks from the date it received your acceptance to the date it can make payment to you. If you have not heard within that time, please contact Welcome on 0845 618 7804 and it will be able to provide you with an update. if you have any concerns about these arrangements or have not heard from Welcome about the settlement within 2 months or so, please contact us directly at that stage. Then alot more blah blah blah about their enclosed leaflets etc etc. Can I ask anyones opinion on this ? Has anyone else has this ? Thanks !!
  3. Not a surprise at all - Its what we come to expect fro Welcome. Would be more surprised if they didnt say something like that !! Nice to know they are still true to form - hopefully not for much longer though !!
  4. Nice One Would be even funnier if I were actually a scouser - but Im not Im just soooooo excited to see these bunch of muppets on their knees
  5. Where is Post ? He know something we dont ? Or has he got the info first and is having a little celebration of his own
  6. were 18 guests......anyone got any good tunes to play along with the champagne then ?? How good would it be to have a CAG party !!
  7. Must do as there are 18 guests !! But save the champers for us - give them the nasty asti
  8. My solicitor did say that he said he would have preferred to deal with FOS as the complaint was submitted to them. He also said that if Id have come to him directly ( I did numerous times ), then the settlement to my complaint would have been dealt with alot sooner. Luckily my solicitor is sick of Welcome too and her assistant who has been working with her, gave it to him good styke for me , and told him he was in no position to be making demands/statements......I cant wait to start my mat leave this week, then I will have plenty of time of my hands.....hope you're watching Welcome.....am coming to get ya !! :lol:
  9. When is this likely to happen ? If it does , does tha mean all current PPI claims will go down the swanny along with Welcome ??
  10. Thanks Post - I will wait and see what they / FOS have to say.....the guy I spoke to on the blower was a right cheeky barsteward to say the least, like he was doing me a favour - if I hadnt have been in work using the work phone 8-) then he would have goit it good style - he doesnt realise how lucky he is
  11. Has this happened to anyone else ?? I would really appreciate the help
  12. Oh I didnt think you were trying to be smart at all Dont worry bout that - I just dont think this offer is real, and I really want it to be !!!
  13. Any thoughts on this at all ? What should I do or has anyone else been on the receiving end of this ?
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