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  1. Hello - Please help I was parked on a double yellow line outside a closed public car-park on On sunday in outside th Luton Arndale center. The car-parks were all full due to the festive season. The car-park was closed due to building work. So iw ent to collect my wife & baby daughter & was back in appx 5mins near the entrance for an attendant issuing me a ticket. I explained that i was only five mins & the car-park was closed & all other car-parks wer full. Although he agreed he did make note of the isssues & asked me to appeall. Having appealled a Mr Andy Blanchflowere (head of parking at Luton refused my appeal stating i was flouting the closed car-park). & the attendants note state I was away more than 10mins. I believe they alter thier notes accordingly to the appeal before its goes to the Adjuicating Services. Can anyone help & advise. As the attendant seems to be fair in supporting me but it seems this other chap has blown it right out.!
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