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  1. Hi there all. Some advice will be very advantageous right about now. For the last couple of months I have been driving for a well known (and very recently festively defunct parcel delivery firm) through an agency. I am owed 2.5 days pay by the agency for hours worked 22-24 December 2014. This was due to be paid today (2.1.15) but it has not been. The agency stated that this is because the now defunct client are no longer processing the agency staffs clock cards and sending the details to the specific agencies and therefore because THEY haven't been paid by THEIR client they
  2. Which is what I said!!! Would anybody be interested in joining forces and seeing what we can do to stop them trading? There seems to be enough of us on here who have suffered at their hands, and what they are doing is undoubtably illegal; harrassing people for debts they know can no longer be collected. Besides I'd like to see a bully like Simon Giles brought down a peg or two.
  3. Back in July, I received a letter from Tower Investigations through which I subsequently became aware of a nasty little company called Global Debt Recovery/ Aparrantly they wanted to speak to me on behalf of their clients, a company called FV-1 regarding an £800 debt from a Lloyds TSB account that was opened in 1998 and closed in 2000. The man I spoke to, a Mr Giles was quite a peice of work, argumentative, bolshy, shouted me down, made threats of legal action and police involvement, bailiffs etc etc blah blah blah. At first I was quite shocked by his attitude and I couldn't u
  4. hello All, It's great I am joining this forum, with some good and encouraging news instead o gloom and doom. It fits in wth my positive personality.
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