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  1. After months/years of waiting for the CCA from DLC and help from my OFT i have received this CCA. It came electronically via DLC to the OFT. I am trying to find out whether it is enforceable or not. Yes it has my signature on it but the rest is done electronically. They also send 'copies' of statements for the account with no payments from 2005 which i can put on here should people ask. Any help would be grately appreciated
  2. Come on BB we need you back and soon
  3. Knowing that i have only 2 days left to work in this 'pooey' hole place some poeple call work
  4. So if i send them the section 10 letter what kind of response would i be looking at from them? Another question is Hillesden & Ruthbridge one of the same or are they different DCA's?
  5. Hi again PGH7447 Well i understand what you are saying but i want to get this sorted. Experian have said that the Notice of Dispute will be removed after 28 days. Its taken them over a year to contact me and now they are saying that they will not remove it! Its so infuriating. I know what these fools are like
  6. Hey Guys Well from my previous threads i have decided to start this new one. Ok so the story so far is I wrote to Ruthbridge with the CCA request - 16th December 2008 Account in Dispute - 12th January 2009 Account in Dispute again - 30th January 2009 Final Response - 2nd Februay 2009 Now i asked for Credit Expert to put the account in Dispute on my dredit file and asked them to write to Ruthbridge on my behalf on the 4th January 2010. I have now had a response from Credit Expert saying that HILLESDEN SECURITIES LTD have asked me to contact them directly. I am unsure as to what letter to send them and what i will be saying to them. Can anyone help me please :?
  7. This happened to me a few years back when, i was the other woman. I had nasty calls, texts, emails and i was getting everything that was being said about you said about me. To make things worse it came out when i started with my now boyfriend. It got to the stage that i couldnt go out the house without someone or something being thrown at me. I was sorry that i had been the other woman at the time and i did put a stop to things ages before i got with my boyfriend. It all came ot ahead when during a stockcar meeting my old lover and i started talking again. Nothing else happened and i put my hand on my heart about that. I took all the evidence i had to the police. All the annoymous calls, emails, facebook comments, texts and put it in front of the police man and broke down. Everyone involved got a visit from the copper and told to leave me alone. After another week of this not having any effect they all got a written letter from the police sating that if it carries on any further then they will be taken to court for slander and harrassment. The female involved (my ex's wife) got taken to court and i now have a restraint against her. I know i went on a bit there but i hope it has helped you in some way
  8. Looking at old school photos being put on facebook, ARGH
  9. Sorry putting my penny worth in. On the agreement does it have your name in the top left or your sons name?
  10. Im very sceptical on the online shops like that. Post people know you are sending mobiles/gold etc by the envelopes you send them in. I sent one mobile to Boots so they could help third world contries and the envelope 'got lost' in the post. GO to a local shop or sell it via eBay or local seller site. You will get more for your money
  11. The Citi group and Hillesden ones could be listed as it may be the same loan but it may have been sold on to either one. Either way in 5 months they will be statue barred so i would ignore them. The others would probably be over 6 years and so they have gone from your file. Dont worry about something that isnt there. IF they come back up in the future it will then be the time to do something.
  12. My ex wanting to meet for a cuppa I dont think so boyo lol
  13. I stated about the police because more often than not they get mentioned later down the line. I was speaking of my personal eBay, yes it was a garage, experience. No harm intended to anyone
  14. Congrats Ronidig Feels good doesnt it
  15. You cannot buy a car off eBay without expecting something to go wrong. It stated in the advert that you can go and drive the car. If the car had an MOT prior to you buying it then its down to you to fix the car. You have it in your head that the seller owes you something but in the hard light of day he doesnt. He has tried to compromise with you about the cluth by sending you a clutch kit. This in itself is expensive. A clutch can go at anytime, it is normal wear and tear of a car. You have more chance of getting something if you had bought it from a garage. The police will state that you buy the car as it is, lumps, bumps and all mechanical faults. You cannot go back to the previous owner and try to claim something back. There is no 'sold as seen' anymore. You had the chance to say no to buying the car.
  16. Very good idea. Unfortunately with it only being for England I dont qualify either. I bought my daughter her own laptop for her Christmas present. She is 8 and i would definately recommend any child to have one. She uses them in school already (I remember when it was the last year in high school, and only if you were with the 'it' gang). She has partial dyslexia so i have no problems with her using it. It has really helped her.
  17. Ah ok PGH7447 Just in high spirits at the moment and thinking everything is for the good
  18. Thanks cerberusalert Do you know whether there is a template for this type of letter?
  19. So, in short i have to take them to court and tell them to read the Consumer Credit (Enforcement, Default and Termination Notices) Regulations 1983 is this right? Didnt think i would have to do that or would it be useful to write them a letter to scare them and they may give me the money
  20. This is where i get confused MrShed As he was done for drink driving and as purple-sparkle states they have photographs of the damage to his car and the witness', would this not account to help them? Sorry if i sound a bit dumb
  21. Dont communicate at all with them unless it is in writing. IF you are able to get caller id on your phone it will give you a fighting chance to answer the phone to people you want to should you want to talk to anyone. When you write to them do not sign any letters. If you go onto the royal mail website you should be able to get a copy of the signature that signed for the parcel should you still have the tracking number. If you cant get it online then ring them up and ask them to send you this either by email or snail mail. But most of all make yourself a cup of tea and smile because you are in the right place to get all this sorted. You will never be alone and someone will always be right with you till the end.
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