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  1. Hi All, I really could do with some help. A while ago I purchased some items from a Boot Sale to sell on ebay. I usually stick to clothing, but this time I tried with some electronic equipment. I paid in cash and came home and listed the items on eBay. As with all my auctions, I stated that the unit was sold as is, with no warranty. I sold the item and thought all was well and good. A week after selling the unit the buyer contacted me to tell me that the unit was not working and wanted a refund. I told him that the item was sold as is, as stated in the auction. I didn't he
  2. Hi Guys. I (a "he" by the way!) am going to be adding a few of the points that Biffo1 has pointed out (if that's OK with you?) to my appeal, as I hope that it may strengthen my case. Ting- yes, I did use some of your text from the other topic- I hope that that was OK! Guys, I really appreciate your help, but I am concerned about this going to the stage of court and Bailiffs, etc. I think that if I was faced with that I may "bail out" so to speak and cough up. I have never really been in trouble with the law and the thought of going to court to appeal this is really quite daunting.
  3. Hi guys, I was driving in London last Friday and I made a left turn into a road. There were no "No Left Turn" signs, so I assumed that it would be fine. To my dismay I recieved a PCN on Friday (the 5th December, the letter was dated the 4th). After using the search on this forum I have found a case that is exactly the same as mine: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/166695-traffic-penalty-notice-cctv.html I have no access to a scanner at the moment, however the PCN is worded exactly the same as the one in the second page of the ab
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