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  1. im guessing that you didn't make the recovery disks when you brought the pc then? the manufatures will normally charge you for sending the disks out because you are told coutless times by the computer when you turn it on, proberly by the sales staff when you buy it and by the litrature in the box
  2. you would need to make the recover disk you're self. there will be a program on the desktop or in the start menu somewhere called system recovery or something along them lines.
  3. not sure about the tv tuner and remote!! the 1080p will be the output from the HDMI port on the laptop not the screen. if that helps in anyway
  4. if it is an "easiplan agreement it will be 23.9% or 24.9% can't remember exactly. if its an interest free or interest "opt out" scheme it will be 29.5%. hope this helps
  5. if the tv has been written off by philips under the 1st year garantee you would normally get a exchange for the recept value? if it has been written off by the techguys because of damage or something along them lines then you would get vouchers for an equal spec tv
  6. hi, if you go the the hp/compaq wedsite you can order a set of recovery disks. for most models they cost £26 you need the serial number and windows key to order them. hope this helps
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