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  1. hi all! hope you guys can advise me . i had a sainsbury cred card ran up 7k on it. cut long story short got a ccj on it last october agreed to pay £5 per mouth the i got a transfer of proceedings letter sayin it was being reconcidered the hearing took place in november but i didnt attend stupid i know! judgement was past against me and i was ordered to pay the balance of £7500 then i got a notice of change of solicitor (eversheds) on the 23rd of jan '09. on the 2nd of april i got a letter from eversheds sayin the had obtained an ordercharging my interest in my property.but in that letter t
  2. they did tell me it was being re-heard but i thought the court would just increase my payment slightly! stupid i know but then i got notification from the court saying the judgement has to be paid in full but i will go to the court tommorrow and apply for a redetermination thanks guys
  3. sorry my mistake i have the forthwith judgement too
  4. hi yes i do have the judgement and it was heard in my local court,should i just fill in form n245 and a covering letter?thanks
  5. hi thanks for your reply to my problem they did notify me of there intention to have the case re-heard but i didnt think the judge would rule i would have to pay it all in one go! they said that it would take to many years to repay at £5 a month! there are charges etc so i was going to ask if i could still reclaim them thanks. i will have to write to the court asking for time to pay?
  6. hi all! hope i have put this in the right place for some help which would be greatly recieved. i was given a ccj back in october 2008 by sainsburys bank credit card. i filled in all the paper work and sent it off judgement was entered against me and i have to pay £5 per month so i started paying this and never missed any payments the company then applied to a different court saying my offer of payment was to low! i have just found out i now have to pay the amount in full! i dont have this! any advice? someone told me i could applie to pay by instalments to the court but will have to pay £3
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