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  1. Hi I'm very careful with what letters I open at home and I have today received a letter from an address I don't know nor can find anything about. When I put the full address in on google nothing comes up but when I omit the po box number it brings up a thread on here regarding Lloyds TSB. I have never had anything from Lloyds TSB - not even a bank account. I haven't opened the letter yet and if I can't find out who it is I will just return it to sender. Can anybody advise? The address is : PO Box 1916 Andover SP10 9EF
  2. Funnily enough WF have said something along the same lines to me before - it's fraud and I'm stealing etc...!!! A bunch of nobbers!
  3. Hey If I have had a CCJ filed against me and someone comes round to my house saying they have a warrent to levy the goods in my property, do i have to let them in? They haven't given me a chance to pay anything and I wasn't even aware that a CCJ had been given - although i was aware that it was at the court stage. I didn't let him in as I wasn't sure what I should and shouldn't do. Please help.
  4. Thanks for the above however its a blank cca that they've sent not just the terms & conditions. Would that still be sufficient to send or do I need to send something different? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi I sent the attached CCA request off to Littlewoods and today I recieved the below response (Apologies it's typed - no access to scanner). Letter Reference : **** Date : 19/02/2009 Account Number : ******* Dear Miss ******* We refer to your recent request for a copy of your agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executed agreement, but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account. This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place. According to our records the account was opened on **/**/****. You agreed to make payments every 28 days. The outstanding balance is currently £***.**. Our records show that £***.** have been made within the last 12 months. In accordance with the terms of the catalogue statements are issued every 28 days. Yours Sincerely **** ****** Admin Support Team ------------------------------ Can someone advise me of my next step please? Thanks Poopsie Littlewoods - CCA.doc
  6. Hey Guys I've been advised to write in this section with the hope that someone will be able to assist me in preparing a defence, I know this is prodominately used for CCA/DCA's but hopefully you'll be able to help. My original thread is here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/employment-problems/184062-overpayment-court-papers-recieved.html Any help would be much appreciated. I have already filed my acknowledgement of service today. Thanks Poopsie x
  7. The particulars of the claim are: The Claimants claim is in respect of an overpayment of salary paid to Defendant, full particulars of which have already been supplied before the action commenced. And the Claimant claims: 1. £569.50 2. Statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act (1984) at a rate of 8.000% per annum from 13/07/08 to 11/02/09 £26.35, and thereafter a daily rate of £0.13 to date of judgement or sooner payment. Invoice date : 13/07/08 Ref. Not given Can anyone comment on the above? Their statement that all particulars have been supplied is incorrect, they have only supplied why they say the payslip is. They haven't supplied me with my employment contract that I requested.
  8. Thank you so much for your advice. I have requested a signed copy of my employment contract however they have not provided this to me. Do I need to put that in my defence? Or do I apply to the court to have it stayed already because they haven't supplied me with the necessary documents prior to the case even though I have requested it and they have acknowledged my request? Your help is really appreciated godpikachu - I've tickled your scales xx
  9. What if they don't have a copy of my signed employment contract? Does that mean they can't then request the overpayment back?
  10. Do you know how I lay my defence out at all? Do I send in all correspondance like letters I have sent them and letters I have recieved or do I wait until I go to court for that?
  11. It is by £569 which was my final salary - I was owed money for sales and I took this as what was owed. This was last July and them chasing has only just happened. I do not believe i have been overpaid. They also haven't supplied me with my signed employment contract - if the do not/unable to provide this then surely they are unable to chase "what they call" overpayment?
  12. Hi Guys I hope you can help me. I have been in talks with solicitors for my previous employer as they seem to think they have overpaid me. I originally asked for proof via telephone but did not recieve any. They then chased me again with a letter so i responded with a letter asking for proof. They sent a copy of my payslip that I recieved and what they believe it should of been. I then sent another letter to them asking for a signed copy of my employment contract (I cannot find mine), they responded saying my letter had been recieved and they were looking into it and will get back to me. Today however I have recieved court papers. What do I do? I want to defend completely but i don't know anything about this. Can someone help please?
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