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  1. Hi, Just a quick note - I am indeeed in the same boat - having sold the property before they secured, the unsecured amount, the extra large interest has kick in and TWICE now they have taken legal action (see my thread) and have pulled out at the last moment. They (NR) and Eversheds don't seem to know what to do and it's all a mess - but I would be very interested in helping out with a multiple type case, quoting my experiences.. I currently pay a reduced amount that I can afford atm.
  2. Hi, I've just been through this with Lowells. Swore in my doc's at the court, and went to the hearing on the date set, following an order that Lowells provide answers to my items - by a set date. I went to the court on the day. The judge asked my name, said "no response as ordered" and "no attendance by Lowells" "This case is set aside" The end. Not heard anything since...
  3. Well, apparently Eversheds are (yet again) not proceeding with action at this time... Hmmm, waiting for the letter to confirm this. I wonder why. :-|
  4. Bump... Any thoughts? I think this is the start of the same process - that they never resolved last time - when the would not accept my offer and preferred nothing??... But, they have lamped on vast 'charges' to the outstanding balance... Ho hum.
  5. Well just as I predicted - as I've only just had the letter.... The judge has given them until the 25th October to get their act together, and our telephone conference has gone out the window - as we now MUST attend a hearing on the 15th December.... So 5 weeks longer than they should of had.... Great, if it was the other way -he wouldn't have given me the steam off his tea.... Why hasn't the fact that they didn't apply to recommence proceeding as per CPR 38.7 made any difference??? Also had a letter from NR asking to pay the arrears... Any thoughts?? I better start getting my head back round it all...
  6. Hi sunshine, Yes, how the ????, I don't know!! Its like watching a period drama, where the peasants (us) are treated as such, and the solicitors / judges etc - are part of an elite club where they organise and discuss things, over a gin (lol!) behind close doors, where plebs like us don't go and wouldn't understand.... Lets see what the DJ comes up with.... Me, or a huge solicitors (who couldn't file a response to my defence).. Knowledge is power. Its the same now as it always was.... He will grant them more time, IMO, as their all in together, and look out / protect / promote each other, it's amusing now.... ps - you will never understand this stuff. lol! I don't know who does!
  7. Hi all, if anyone is still there.... Anyway, after a lot of nothing... Upon the courts own motion.. It is ordered that The claimant to file and serve a defence by 15th September- (the day after the letter was dated.) Checked today - they didn't, but have applied for more time... I wonder what would have happened if it was me? According to the court, the DJ is still considering it. So what are my options? IF he does grant it, then , they get more time (thought they would have got their act together by now...) If he doesn't ????? Will they just - discontinue (again), and start some more action (again).... *yawns* and goes back to the gin....
  8. Yeah - bin that, and scan it in again, with that tippex'd over, or similar,(on a photocopy that is!!!) then it will scan in - covered up Pdf should be fine then.
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