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  1. Yes , it was from Lowell Solicitors. Donation made to CAG for it's great help. Thank you dx100uk and to Andyorch .
  2. Thank you for all your help with this. I had an email offering to settle for a slightly lower amount which i refused. Then i have just received a notice of discontuance confirming legal proceedings have been nough to an end. This website has been a massive help, thanks to all.
  3. I have sumbmitted my defence on line. Am I supposed to send a copy to the Claimaint or is completing it online enough? Thank you.
  4. That's great, thankyou Andy. I will get that ready and submit the defence. Jon
  5. OKay, I want to enter my defence today or tomorrow ideally. Here is my first stab at it - I have used a defence from a previous thread which I believes fits and updated it. I would love any feedback , check to see if I am missing anything or if I'm completely wrong. 1 The defendant entered into an agreement with Very - Littlewoods/Additions Direct which was regulated by the consumer Credit Act 1974 Under reference (Number here) on (Date in 2014)('The agreement') 2 In breach of the agreement, the Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the Agreem
  6. Thanks agian. CCA request sent. There will some BNPL interest on there. I'll submit my defence soon.
  7. Thank you for your quick reply. I will do that ASAP (Tuesday when my printer arrives), and then enter the defense before the 33 days from 5th March are up. I must have missed a step as I didn't think about sending a CCA request to the claimant. I think I was confused with sending a SAR to the original provider and CPR to Lowells solctors. But I will send a CCA to Lowells portfolio.
  8. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio Ltd Date of issue – 05 Mar 2020 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – Â* 1 The defenant entered into an aagreement with Very - Littlewoods/Additions Direct which was regulated by the consumer Credit Act 1974 Under reference (Number here) on (Date in 2014)('The agreement') 2 In breach of the agreement, the Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the Agreement was terminated. 3}The agreement was later aassigned to the claimiant on 14/01/2019 and written notice given
  9. Hi, thankyou for your answers, it is a free DMP.(I am thinking of cancelling it though as I cannot afford it anymore and I don't think they can help if i pay less than £50 per month. I will check with them though) I will get the SARS done. Thanks.
  10. Hi, just wondered if anyone could help me with a little guidance. I got in a muddle 3 or 4 years ago with multiple pay day loans. Taking one to pay the other and then due to a drop in wage I had to go to a Debt Management company. I have been on that for a while and paid off a couple of Debts. (Provident and Lending Stream) and also just been told that my Wonga debt has been cancelled. I am left with 2 credit card debts(No worries paying them) and 3 old pay day loan debts which I am planning on complaining about as I feel they were really taking advantage of me.(my fault but I
  11. Heres that link! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?318507-Basic-rules-when-dealing-with-PayDayLoan-Companies
  12. Hi, I have found email to be the best way personally. I don't have a template but I have found this post to be very helpful. See next post as I needed 10 to past a link! Good luck, I wish you every success.
  13. No agreements yet although negotiations have been made with each company via e-mail and If I could have sorted it all out over a 4 month period I reckon it could have been sorted. However due to a situation where my employer monitors my situation, they have said I must get professional help. So I am speaking to a couple of companies about debt management plans. CCCS / Debtline seem to be the main ones. I believe this menas they will include my 2 credit cards and a provident loan which I have been keeping up payments on so far. Good luck with your situations everyone, don't bury your head
  14. Thanks for the responses, I may end up giving them copies with certain details like NI number blanked out, but I am relcutant to give them wage slips, income and expenditure etc at this stage - so currenlty I am just repeating my offer. Update - Now getting inundated with phonecalls including some at work, therefore I have sent further e-mails borrowing from the harrasment template and stating that all correspondence is to be in writing. Also I am about to send the original offers I made via recorded devivery so I have full proof if it does go to court. I wonder what tomorr
  15. UNLCE BUCK UPDATE So far so friendly from Uncle Buck. They say - "We usually only offer repayment plans in exceptional circumstances such as: Severe Disability or illness Imprisonment Terminal illness or Mental illness Deceased Redundancy or Reduced hours Unless these circumstances apply to your case we cannot extended the repayment term any longer than the 3 months offered." Therefore I explained how my income has dropped a lot and they say they need proof. Is it good practice to send them Payslips? I don't really want to do it but just wondered if that's an accept
  16. I found these details in another Wonga thread but they are from a year or so ago. I would definitely double check they are correct first. EDIT
  17. I will try the complaint route. Rotters, if they played fair they would get their money, but they have to try and be bullies. I don't have their bank details yet, but I remember they were posted a few days ago.
  18. Thought I would give a quick update. Defaulted on some payday loans yesterday and some today. Thanks for the support, much appreciated. I had a terrible nights sleep on Wednesday as I was waiting for my wages to go in so I could transfer them to a *safe account via my online banking. In the end it was about 2.30am when the funds hit and I managed to get them out. I had left it too late for my employer to pay them into the safe account*. (I thought it was safe, read on….……………………….. *insert Halloween noise here.) *Tip 1 – Get your bank account and wages/income sorted before the due date
  19. Hello, Thanks for all the information on this thread; I have found it very useful. I am in a situation where I owe about £3000 in Payday Loans and I've been at my wits end about it. I owed money a few years back after a divorce but I had cleared all my debts and started to improve my credit rating. Now I have been an idiot again and got in a right muddle. I started to use payday loans short term occasionally and although paying a relatively high fee I found they were an easy solution when short of cash. However I started rolling one over and then took out a second on the ba
  20. Wow, that was fast! Thankyou Rory32 for your help, it is a weight off my mind. I will post back when they reply to me.
  21. Hello, I have a situation where Cabot have written to me as they have just bought an old credit card debt from Egg in my name.( Nearly 4k Due to PPI, heavy charges and a divorce, and some of my own stupidity) I was taken to court for a portion of the debt(10%) which I paid and Bryan Carter wrote to confirm the debt was settled even though only £300 was ever claimed. I have details and got the CCJ satisfied, details of which I have sent to Cabot telling them to sod off. I also have details of lots of unfair charges but I haven't claimed them back yet as I understand that you can
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