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  1. I was too euphoric to ask about when they were to pay by I did ask about the method of enforcement that they use and the Judge wasnt bothered at all about them using insolvency procedures for debt collection without grounds or chance of winning in a trial His body language did indicate to me that he was aware of Crapquest and their antics but he really didnt want to get involved with the fight Only me
  2. Went to court today they didnt turn up!!! Kerching!!!! Judge set aside the stat demand and awarded £300 for my time Judge was very good and caused me no issues what so ever. Didnt allow all my costs but the system does work!! What is my next step to make sure I get paid by them and that they dont try to set it against my un-enforcable agreement Only me
  3. Cad I agree we are a rare bunch !!!! Why is the security an illusion if the property is jointly owned?? Onlyme
  4. I have applied to set aside a stat demand that was served by post and in response to my witness statement crapquest quote insolvency rules 1986 6.3(2) and 6.11(4) as being a good method of service (Amongst other silly things too) Having read the insolvency rules 1999 I understand it that it is bad service to serve by post unless with the permission of the court and after them following various procedures to effect personal serving of the SD I quote This Practice Direction shall come into effect on 26th April 1999 and shall replace all previous Practice Notes and Practice Directions relating to insolvency proceedings. Am I missing something Do the old rules still apply?? I have no fears at all of going to court as i have them on various grounds I wanted to fully understand this point Can anyone help?? I really want to give them a bloody nose Onlyme (again)
  5. Until 2months ago I was happily going along thinking that all my agreements were unenforceable because they were old and no originals have been supplied then 2 weeks ago court papers were received from cabots and I started looking at how to fight it off It seems to me that DCAs now have the upper hand with recon agreements, however after reading for many hours it also seems to me that no real advice is being given to help beat the likes of cabot. Does one now have to roll over and accept defeat, and the subsequent charging orders that will follow to all of us. We need to focus on how to argue that the recon is not enforceable and so far I have not seen any input on this point There doesn't seem to be a check list of what to look for in order to get the position back in our favour Any positive input will be appreciated Onlyme
  6. Shadow can you explain a little further. Are recons now deemed as being acceptable to the courts instead of original docs I have read and do not really understand the harrison link judgement so how does this affect cases similar to ours Is there a thread that you are aware of that is similar to this one and has gone through the court already as won or lost even onlyme
  7. Morgans have issued court papers through northampton and looking though my paper work from OC I have a default notice dated 6th march asking for remedied by 22 march ie 14 days plus 2 not 3 is the default notice deffective and can I use this to stop morgans in their tracks Onlyme
  8. Can you tell me/us a little more info about the mistakes / problems, I find it difficult to pick up information from one thread to another and know I am getting it right onlyme (and by the sound of it many many more)
  9. Subbing and following along the same road with cabot/peoples bank
  10. Subbing with interest, court papers recieved this week from old (really old pre-2000) peoples bank of connecticut Will start my own thread but I am up for a tussle The procedure citi and cobots have followed seems to be exactly the same for all of us recon agreements no real info on the POC IMHO they are fishing for folks with potential equity in there homes and some will roll over because they dont have CAG I wont!!! Neither should you Ive lost lots to the banks and others but I am fighting back and like most of us on here I really have nothing to lose onlyme
  11. My stat demand set aside in and accepted. date set 19 th july Defence fairly straight forward. No agreement, never had an account number they quote and no notification of assignment ect ect. Onlyme
  12. My application for a setaside hearing has been accepted and date set 19th July Lets see if they turn up
  13. Subbing -I am just starting the same process with RBS!! and they have appointed LPA recievers over 4 properties onlyme
  14. Take a look around the forums you will see many people have applied for costs and won more than a days pay. These people send Stat demands out like confetti as a scare tactic/method of bullying Dont worry about it and enjoy the day off with extra pay!! if you dont know the account and never owed anything you should have nothing to fear it is unlikely that CQ will even show up onlyme
  15. I have recieved a stat demand from crap quest and wasnt going to post as I had read lots of the similar threads and mine seems to be fairly straight forward, However not posting doesnt help others understand the process nor does it notify just how many of these postal SD are around. Mine is an old MBNA (1996) account numbers are all wrong and the only "agreement" available is a pre application document with poor copies no reference to T&C from page 1 to 2 and very much unenforceable (IMO) this was put in dispute with MBNA 2009 and should not have been sold on I have applied for set aside on grounds I do not owe them any money I do not have nor never had an account number as listed on stat demand, crap quest were notified of dispute and have ignored 7 letters, I have tried to call barry davies 3 times and the method of service was postal and simply an attempt to intimidate me to paying I will apply for costs and ask for any help or guidance as we go along It seems fairly straight forward to me but I want to help others not be taken for a ride and stop CQ from bullying tactics onlyme
  16. Hey mishy glad you are still in there and fighting,Its now nearly 12 months since you were worried about losing your home I hope you are less worried now. An old man once told me he had had many worries in his life and that most of them never actually came to be Onlyme
  17. [ What matter has gone to the Lords? On 20 April 2007, Lord Lucas in the House of Lords asked HM Government (inter-alia) "whether it would be right for the police to claim that such an action is a civil and not a criminal matter"? Baroness Scotland of Asthal, The Minister of State, Home Office replied: (inter-alia) "A bailiff or any other person who dishonestly charges for work that has not been done will be committing an offence under the Fraud Act 2006". I had a serious investigation into my case by the local fraud squad and a report was sent to the MOJ It is upto more of us to continue to fight these rogues Onlyme and many more After my little sebatical (no I havent been away at her majesties pleasure) I have the pleasure of being a dad for the first time at the grand old age of 56
  18. How do they contiunue to get away with this It has been some time since I have been on this forum and this is a bit like groundhog day levys not made unlawful charges etc etc How can we stop this farce?? onlyme
  19. Other people and myself have been threatened by sherfarce with libel action and my opinion is that truth is not libelous I have proof of fees that were incorrectly charged and of visits that did not take place and of levy's that were charged for and did not happen This was decided by a Master in the High Court Cag has nothing to fear Without the help of this forum I would have ended up taking it where the sun dont shine and thinking aah well they are Sheriffs and they are obviously right. Cag shows us the way to fight back and hopefully and other despot regime will topple from the little people fighting back
  20. I commented on her blog with the following lets see if it gets published onlyme Claire Maybe if your company charged the correct fees in the first place debtors such as myself would not have to fight you in court and ofcourse this costs the debtor too I had to fight you tooth and nail all the way to a 2nd appeal in order to get justice I was a litigant in person at the high court and my fees were massively reduced by the master Come on Claire get into the real world some people in this recession are cant pays not wont pays and inflated fees not set out by law that you charge should be taken out of your business or you will continually be harangued by people that know their rights I know of several cases where you simply charge incorrect fees and because debtors are not capable of paying for barristers in the high court as you do, you get away with it but this will not happen for ever. Your operations must change its method of operating Masters in the high court will see though you sooner or later as more people with tenacity follow your misguided approach to debt enforcement I will continue to follow with interest
  21. Subbing with interst am on first rung of the morgan cabot ladder onlyme
  22. Mmmmm got one of these letters myself today, mine was reference an old peoples bank of conecticut,(who??) held by Citi financial, it goes back to at least 1999 as I have one old statement in my possesion and is the same account number so they cant try telling me it was a new agreemnet I signed I have written back telling them the account was in dispute with Citi, so send it back to them. I have also wrtten to Citi asking for a copy of the NoA The one I got with Cabot was a cobbled photocopy with a date different than the date on the letter they sent to me Lets wait and see I am back up for the fight again onlyme
  23. Elliot clearly you are not sleeping and as I was mightily p....d off with them Read some of my threads re Sherforce and you will be able to follow the process of bringing them to book. Who is the HCEO company onlyme
  24. UPDATE!! I completed on the sale of one of my properties alst month mortgage outstanding £172000(including inflated arrears and charges) Repayment of mortgage accepted at £125,000 Deal done and dusted 27 % discount I allowed me to get back the origianl deposit I put on the property back in 2007 even though I sold Below market value!! Mars were good to deal with but I had to beat them off in a repossesion hearing first!! and then they rolled over and played ball onlyme
  25. I posted the text below on 28th June HCE disappeared the next day Hmmmm Originally Posted by High Court Enforcer I always watch things that relate to High Court Enforcement. After all his bravado on here, it is not suprising that ohitsonlyme has gone very quiet..... He clearly lost. HCE You clearly cannot read as reported previously yes I lost my appeal against my victory but I still won !!!!! The fraud still took place and the police report has gone to the MOJ and Essex police However I am sure it cost sherforce far more than it cost me They had a top solicitor and his assistant there for at least 2hours I bet the bill they got was far more than they managed to defraud me out of and as yet I am still not finished I thank you for reminding me to be a royal pain in the arse to sherfraud and their ilk The police are very much onto them and my assistance is there for albeit so he can learn from my previous lack experience Send clare sandbrook my love I am sure she loves you soo much for keeping me on my toes (unless of course you are clare sandbrook!!) Onlyme and many many more
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