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  1. I dont need to justify my trade; I take pride in providing a much needed service to landowners who have problems with A) Tight fisted motorists who dont want to pay their way in life and B) Motorists who have no respect for other peoples property. Just for the record I do not agree with ticketing; if it were up to me it would be clamping all the way as it is guaranteed payment and it has 100% backing from the law (numerous test cases- Arthur -v- Anker (1995) , Vine -v- Waltham LBC (2000)). But some landowners prefer ticketing; but as you know, at this time nothing is set in stone leg
  2. Take a look at the top of page 2 on your link; basically they state that a contract is considered fair if the terms are clear with no hidden pitfalls. Generally parking companies signage / contracts comply with this statement
  3. If you have written permission from the land owner you have the right to form a contract with motorists.
  4. Whats unreasonable about insisting that motorists pay for their parking:-?:-?:-? With reference to the amount of the charge usually between £30 and £75 if paid within the discounted period; the profits are not as high as you think. The fee has to cover: wages / staff training / fuel / vehicles / a ridiculous amount of admin / DVLA fees / printing / signage / pay and display machines 3-8 grand each / maintenance of machines / repairs to vandalised machines / commision to landowners. The fees are quite reasonable taking the above into account, tecnically we oops, THEY could j
  5. In response to the person who requested an explanation as to why the above post was untrue. Firstly it is not illegal to clamp or tow a vehicle (unless you live in Scotland). Would a government authority, namely the Security Industry Authority, issue vehicle immobilisation licences if it were an illegal act:?: Secondly, correct a private company cannot issue fines (unless contracted by the local council to conduct civil enforcement), this is why parking tickets are called ' Parking charge Notice' not 'Penaly charge notice'; the ticket is a charge not a fine. Fin
  6. Al27, you clearly dont know what your on about. If you park on private property and their is signage saying that permits/tickets must be displayed or you will recieve a parking charge then this is what you must do, the term is pay and display, not pay and put it in your pocket / put it on the floor / put it behind the tinted section of your windscreen / put it face down so you cant read the time and date of expiry etc etc.. If you park your car then you have agreed to the terms and conditions and therefore entered into a contract. The parking charge is for breach of contract, w
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