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  1. I posted earlier - you can get a legal draughtsman involved; their costs would be chargable to lbl - Please tell - is there some reason why this advise is of no use to you?



    Dear Apple


    Your advice is excellant.


    I am very appreciative. I will be getting on the ball, just been so busy with an item that part 6 concluded yesterday.



  2. HH as always thank you

    The judge was pi$$ed with LBL.

    LBL won the initial case, as they served to the wrong address.

    Hence the order to hand over my car.

    I asked for a set aside motion.

    I had to obviously submit written proof as to why the motion should be set aside.

    LBL decided not to fight my Motion & removed their claim to my car.

    The Judge stated that if they had fought the case in his opinion they would have been unsuccessful.

    He commented that my summation was clear & very well researched.

    Motion to set aside granted.

    All claim to the car by LBL removed.

    We are to agree a settlement for losses & expense between us or it will be back before him for his determination. This is when he advised to get a solicitor.

    He felt many would work this no win no fee. I guess as it is a guaranteed success!

  3. Any solicitors like to sue LBL

    Long Storey Short.

    LBL took me to court, I won. Judge says I’m due Compensation.

    So many variables are capped. However harassment isn’t I don’t believe.

    Any solicitors like this idea?

    Judge stated I need a solicitor for this element of the case, presumably to maximise my claim.

    LBL case purely built on, abusing the system.

    Who do you recommend? Who would like to? Who thinks what LBL do is Harrasement?

  4. Hi Stressed


    Put everything in writing




    [email protected]


    [email protected]


    Requesting the BoS


    There are many things that can be wrong with their paperwork that invalidates it.


    As a third party victim the Loan Agreement cannot be used against you, only the BoS.


    If BoS invalid, your OK.




    Good luck. Check out my problems. It will cover what to look for.

  5. Dear tgsh2006

    I would be interested in receiving a copy of this.

    Several of the points you have offered I have mentioned previously.

    My opinion (not a legal one) LBL have a slight upper hand currently in that it has been passed that their employees cannot be excluded from witnessing an agreement. I personally have no problem with this. The secretary, the tea lady etc can witness, ie persons that do not have a gain from the outcome.

    But for the underwriter to sign off on everything (judge jury executioner), at very least this is unfair relationship. It is my belief that this has never been argued before. If this argument was successful every LBL would probably become unenforceable.

    Good luck to those fighting this blood sucking company.

  6. I nice little additional nugget.


    LBL started proceeding against me in Jan 09, claiming £5,795 Plus Damages Plus interest.



    I have a letter from LBL to the debtor dated 22/7/10 claiming an outstanding balance of £4,786.20



    Is this cake & eat it.




    Is this an abuse of proceedure. ROUND TWO TO ME.


    Now on the advice of the Judge, I need a solicitor to sue LBL. INTO THE TRENCHES WE GO.

  7. Been to court.


    Judge not pleased.


    Judge considered this an interesting case.


    Clearly alot of time & effort was put into my defence.


    Judge was glad that LBL did not content the matter. The Judgement has been Set Aside.


    My record is to be cleared.


    The Judge has ordered that we should come to some amicable agreement over cost & compo.


    However he will keep an I out for this case (yea right) so that it is brought back before him if an amicable soultion is not found.




    LBL - They can be beaten

  8. These are very valid points & one of the points I argued in my case:

    From my defence

    "Attestation should be by a credible witness who is not a party to the bill. I believe that being an Underwriter for the Lending Company may make the witness partial to the outcome and at very least this is an unfair relationship. I believe that this should void the Bill of Sale, in respect of the personal chattels comprised therein."

    I believe previously LBL have won cases stating their employees cannot be discarded as witnesses.

    Personally I see their point. ie the receptionist on the front desk will most likely not be paid a % bonus within their salary & hence should not be discriminated as a witness, for example.

    The underwriter may get a % bonus, hence has a financial incentive in the outcome, and hence is not impartial.


    UNFAIR RELATIONSHIP has never been argued in court, with LBL & BoS.

    Perhaps the lender dont wont it to go to Court? I personally believe it is a valid defence point, but shouldnt be relied on soley.

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