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  1. Hi BillyNeon, You're right it is in the faqs, but I can completely inderstand that after reading the vast amount of info on this site you can begin to wonder if you remember right.. "Q. I want to claim more than £5000 A. Try splitting the claim into smaller chunks in order to remain on the Small Claims track. However, do not run your claims at the same time as the Bank might apply to consolidate the claims. If they did that, your claim would be over £5000 and you might find yourself at a serious risk of paying costs if you lose. However, do note that this has nnot been tried yet and the defendant might object to the second claim and ask for it to be struck out. Follow the date spilt as you suggested, once you have won the first claim then go back and watch them try to argue the second Cheers
  2. Hi gazzauk80, welcome to the site. It is certainly a posibility which is why this site would generally advise you to open a 'parachute' account in advance of taking any action. It is becoming an increasingly common option for banks to pay out and then to state that they feel 'the relationship between the bank and the customer has broken down' and they have no option but to close the account. A number of people are exploring whether this is a legitimate action and whether they can be stopped but my guess is that for the moment you should at least be prepared for the posibility. Look on the bright side though if (when;-) ) you get the charges back you will be able to repay a chunk off the outstanding amount anyway. Read the faqs and follow the process and post back with any other questions - there are lots of very helpful and knowledgable people about who will pitch in. Cheers
  3. It's best to keep any claims below the £5k mark. There is nothing to stop you making the claims one after the other. The reason for keeping it under this 5k level is that the case can be dealt with under the small claims system ensuring that you will not incur any costs. If you apply for all three together, the banks could ask the courts to join the cases up therefore making one large claim which would force you over the limit. My recommendation is to decide on one account and start the process with that one on it's own. Follow the faqs and send all the letters in order. Once they settle that claim, it will be pretty hard for them to refuse the other two, so just follow the same process. It may take a little longer but you should get all the money owed. Best of luck, Shanks
  4. Hi Lisa, have a read here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=6986 it gives plenty of guidance on what to do under these circumstances. Good luck with the claim Shanks
  5. Great result Shortcake, go on NLSneddon get that letter sent
  6. Talk about burying your head in the sand. I got a response to my LBA this morning. It said nothing more than "please find a copy of my earlier response", i.e, the reply they made to my prelim. Oh yes and the obligatory "here is a copy of our Service Promise" :rolleyes: They just don't get it do they? Oh well, onwards towards the end of the 14 day notice then MoneyClaim here we go.
  7. No worries Caro, I know what you mean about trying to keep up with it all though. The good news is that every time something changes it would appear to be in our favour. One or other of the banks shot themselves in the foot again Cheers
  8. Hi Determined to win, Sorry to hear about the response you got from their 'customer services dept' althouh tbh I am not at all surprised. Sadly I don't think they are under any obligation to refund the money and all you will get from the first level 'phone monkeys' will be the company line, it's all they are allowed to do and even if they wanted to they wouldn't have the authority to issue a refund at that level. Unlike the banks featuring on this site, easyjet are simply applying their t and c's. What you need is to access someone who is willing to listen to your story and then have the power to flex the system a bit to refund you. You can either just keep asking to speak to their line mamanger, don't be put off by the ones who say "they will only tell you what I have told you already" keep requesting to speak to someone higher until you eventually get someone who has the authority to deal with it in a reasonable manner. Or keep your hopes out for a response from Mr Anderson. To be fair if you only sent your first email out last Friday it is perhaps a little early to be hoping for a response. Give it to the end of this week then chase up for an answer if you havn't got one. Be strong, Shanks
  9. Hi Bernard Coleslaw and Mahala, I have to say I was a little surprised to see that written down, but I wasn't sure enought to start laughing straight away (of course it hasn't stopped me now) Mods if this is significant and you want a copy let me know. Cheers, Shanks (all will be revealed soon, within 14 days perhaps....)
  10. Thank you Bernard Coleslaw. It is one of those situations when you think you are right, but they do put that seed of doubt in your mind and after a while stewing on it you almost get convinced by their arguments. But no more, as you say the LBA is now in so I wait with interest to see what comes next. I will name and shame them when it is done but in the meantime if a mod wants to see a copy of the letter I am happy to scan one in for them. Cheers
  11. Thanks Bookworm, Ishall carry on then with the process as I have started. I can see Caro's point as it would be a way to ensure they are stopped in their tracks should the banks try to start down that road but it would seem that this angle has indeed been so thoroughly burried that it is unlikely they would want to dig it back up again. Cheers
  12. Hi Caro, can you alaborate on this a little more please? I have all my statements for the last 6 years and so just counted all the chrages listed for returned dd/chq/excess o/d etc. I have claimed for interest only when added if I was overdrawn by more that my prescribed amount (as i wouldn't have been if the charges had not been made) and have not claimed for the overdraft facility fees. Have i made a mistake here which could jeoparise my claim, I have just sent my LBA! the bank are refusing to be drawn on the precise costs involved with manual intervention as they see the charges cover the cost of providing a bankng service to all their customers. Cheers
  13. My prelim letter went of last month and I heard nothing, so my LBA was sent this week and I have now had a response to the prelim! This is regarding an instituition not yet mentioned by anyone I can find on here so I will keep their name out of it for the moment - they will be named and shamed by the end though Their response is a total refusal to pay any money back and a standard fob off based on the following points: The charges help cover the cost for the whole banking operation and not just a specific incident of a unpaid dd or exceeded overdraft As such they will not provide a breakdown of the costs, I thought that they were only able to charge what it has cost them plus a reasonable markup. They must know what it costs?!? I entered into an agreement and their charges are clearly displayed and fair, and they have always acted lawfully. This seems to be the line fed by all the other banks etc so I'll ignore this one. The new OFT ruling only applies to credit cards default charges. Does this make them exempt from the general ruling and principle of our claims? So do I need to respond to any of this as they will by now be reading my LBA anyway? I am more inclined to just leave it and wait for the reply to the LBA before contacting them but is that my best option? I am well aware that they may take it as far as the courts and I am more than ready to go that far if required. Cheers for all the help, Shanks
  14. Wow Robertxc, that is the clearest explanation I have heard concerning this particular topic, thank you. My LBA was sent out today for charges dating back to 2000, however after checking the statements I am owed a larger sum from the time dating back to 1997. I am going to think very seriously when I have settled this first one whether I will start the ball rolling on the older charges. Cheers
  15. Looks good determined-to-win, it will be very interesting to see how they respond. Good luck with this and again best wishes to your family. Shanks
  16. Being a rather sad person I have kept every statment ever received from my building society account since it was opened in 1997. My wife has had to apologise now after readingt that we might be getting a pile of cash back now because of it After some lurking I have recently put a claim in for all the charges dating back to 2000 which amount to about £1300. I was vbery dissappointed that I would not be able to claim the other £1700 that I was charged between 97 and 2000. (The interest on that if they let it go to court is almost another £1k) If however there seems to be a chink of light regarding trying for these older amounts then please let me know. My LBA is due to go out Monday next week so I cannot change my claimed amount now but i'd be very interested in going back for another bite afterwards Cheers, Shanks
  17. Hi Determined to win Your best bet is to probably go straight to the top - you could start here http://news.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/2006/04/easyjet_boss_wa.html Not only does it give Andy Harrison the Chief Executive's email address but you can post a complaint on the messages tab for all the internet to see Wait till your anger has settled a bit then compose a short letter outlining the situation and state what you would like them to do to remedy it for you/your cousin. His snail mail address is Mr Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive, easyJet Airline Company, Luton Airport, Luton, LU2 9LS Stelios Haji-Ioannou is no longer the Chairman but is still a major shareholder, it may be worth contacting him to see if he will comment on the situation - I will post back if I can find a current address for him. Best of luck to you and your family Shanks
  18. Ok, my first letter went off and apart from a standard acknowledgment of reciept saying the matter will be dealt with I have heard nothing. So the lba is due to be sent off tomorrow. I have been reading with interest the debate regarding fees owed from before 6 years ago and having looked back, I have been charged almost £2500 in the period from 1998 to 2000. When I send my lba can I just say that I miscalculated the extent of their offences and will now be proceding with a claim for £3500 in total or would it be better to make a seperate claim altogether. If so should I wait for the outcome on the first and then start the second or just pile in with fresh 'letter 1' and get the ball rolling immediately. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for all the help and advise so far. Cheers, Shanks
  19. Hi KatyR Don't be scared by the red tape or imtimidated by the banks. What they are doing to you is wrong. I have been in very similar situation so I can appreciate what you are going through at the moment. I would get the employee assistance programe to write to HSBC insisting that the dd is cancelled imediately and get them to offer an alternative way of paying in money to clear the debt. I owed money to about 5 or 6 different compaines and they all agreed to freeze the interest payments in return for an agreed repayment programme. Get all this agreed and settled first so that you have control over the debts, then have a good read of the faq sections and then hit them for a repayment of al the excessive interest and charges they have forced on you. Don't be put off by the process it really is a lot easier than it first looks. And don't be afraid of asking for advice on any of the stages here, there ae loads of frienldy people who will chip in with help when you need it.
  20. Hi Lou and thanks for the response It's a good sign for us that this site is so busy, although I don't believe the banks will share that sentiment especially given that one of the quickest growing theads is the success story one! Parachute accounts opened and my first letter went off yesterday so I await with interest to see what response will come of it. I will post back as things develop. Thanks to all for the encouragment.
  21. I've lurked here and on Martins Money Tips for a while but I've now decided that it's time I tried to get some of my charges back. It is from a building society that's not been mentioned before so it's a bit of uncharted territory. I will try and post as things go if only to give some encouragment to others to take the same first step. Anyway... I have gone through all my bank statements since May 2000 and worked out they have charged me over £1000 in penalty charges for refused debits etc and the excel sheet from the library here tells me a further £300 odd in interest has been paid. These alone will wipe my overdraft clear and let me start fresh - with some lessons learned . But they have also charged me another £350 in 'overdraft usage fees'. Can I claim these back as well given that they are for times when i was just running on overdraft and not incurring any other additional fees? Thanks
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